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Mimi Ikonn - Dreamers & Creators


If you are an entrepreneur struggling to remember why you ever embarked on your business journey, Mimi Ikonn has a story you need to hear. A generous and sincere person, Mimi practices what she preaches, which sets a great example for anyone feeling demotivated. She is the living example of how anyone can overcome their obstacles and turn a simple concept into a major success story. The Mimi Ikonn BioBorn in Azerbaijan, Mimi is now successful enough to live wherever she wants ‚Äî she currently resides in London. Although she never felt strong ties to her homeland and always wanted to travel, she had never even boarded a plane until she moved to Toronto with nothing at the age of 16. Mimi experienced difficult times being an immigrant, especially being different from everyone else. However, overcoming all the challenges that hit her taught Mimi how to face hardships for the rest of her life. This was key in for her in learning how to maintain a positive attitude in everything she does. The experiences in Mimi’s life also contributed to her interest in fashion. Accepting that she was different from those around her, rather than try to change, she embraced her differences. For one thing, in Canada, people tend to dress more casually than in Azerbaijan, which compelled Mimi to dress up and stand out. Mimi Ikonn: The EntrepreneurThe next chapter in the Mimi Ikonn bio is her education. At first, Mimi believed it would be best to gain an international business degree, but she soon discovered there were better options that would allow her to enter the business world. She switched focus to image consulting, taking a six-month course, and received her certification as an image consultant. Straight after graduating, Mimi found what she thought was the perfect program to begin work. She applied ‚Äî but was rejected three times. Instead of giving up and returning to the corporate world, Mimi realized a better solution was to fight for the opportunities she wanted. She used her time to better develop her business plan. This led to her big idea becoming reality ‚Äî the Luxy Hair brand. Luxy HairMimi describes the creation of Luxy Hair as a fluke. She had purchased extensions for her wedding day, but the product she received looked terrible and unnatural. She and her husband realized they could create something much better themselves. Together, the couple launched Luxy Hair five years ago. The brand is now worth millions. Mimi believes this is because she offers people what they want. A great product will sell itself. Today, in addition to running Luxy Hair, Mimi is a fashion blogger and has more than 2. 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She posts videos about every aspect of her success lifestyle and ties many back to her brand. Mimi Ikonn InterviewIn Mimi Ikonn’s interview with Brian Rose, as well as through her YouTube videos, Mimi shares details about her success lifestyle. She talks about her meditation, how she stays positive, how she takes breaks from technology, and more. Mimi takes every aspect of her life seriously and gives a sense of purpose to everything she does, from her business to her personal beauty routine. Mimi Ikonn’s story is an excellent lesson in practicing what you preach. Mimi still considers herself a global citizen today and aims to tear down borders with her message. As you will hear about in her interview, she has already achieved so much, but she is far from finished.


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