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Mimi Ikonn – Success Secrets

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4 Comments on "Mimi Ikonn – Success Secrets"

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I love her definition for success. Sometimes I’m thinking in the same way about living with someone. How can you live with someone, if you can’t live alone ? To accept myself, my strength, my weaknesses, my resistances, etc … is the biggest challenge I have.
Thank for this secret success. I will watch the episode soon.


She is such an inspiring person! And so is Alex! Both individually and together as a couple very inspiring! Real and human! Probably the both I can connect the most with of all interviews so far! Love her perspective on success! Never thought about it this specific way but totally agree with her! Nicely put in a few words!

Michael Granger

I love Mimi’s take on success. It’s so on the money; rational, intelligent, wise. Quick comment about New York from a native…I always found it hard to live anywhere else having this city as the benchmark. If you’re raised here it ruins you for anywhere else. I always put London as my #2 but Brian’s comparison is spot on.


thank you for doing this!! I love mimi and alex.

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