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Mike Dolce - Living Lean


I have been following the rise and rise of Mike Dolce for years.  Since first seeing him as a contestant on the UFC reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” to his subsequent rebirth as MMA’s premiere diet and fitness expert, I have always admired his dedication, attitude, and work ethic.

Upon meeting Mike there is one thing that is immediately obvious….he’s Congruent.  Mike doesn’t just preach his philosophy but actually lives it himself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He chooses his clients based on their character knowing that he’ll literally be living with them for weeks a time during a fight training camp.  And when it comes time to lose 20-30 pounds the week of the fight?  He cuts weight with them…like a true professional.

I’m very proud to present to you the World MMA Trainer of the Year and a man consistent with the London Real ethos in every way.  To quote Mike, “I still see myself as a white belt in the game, there is so much for me to learn.”  Amen to that brother.

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