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Michael Venom Page - Hands Down


Michael “Venom” Page, is an English kickboxer, karateka, and welterweight mixed martial artist. He is recognised in the MMA community for his unorthodox fighting style which originated from freestyle kickboxing (points fighting) and sport karate. Martial artist first, fighter second. Some people that train like to be fighters and thugs. People forget where it came from. Bowing to show respect in Lau Gar Gong Fu. Family influence. What your young career look like. Point scoring. Martial arts. Focusing on small details. Positions. Movements. Feeling each other out. 10 years ago in MMA, point fighting is not MMA it’s literally just Thai boxing, wrestling, Jiu-jitsu. Why people are dismissing it. I want to just blow up the hands down style. Try to impress as well as win fights. How many years did you do point fighting. Every weekend there was a competition. In Stonebridge Park West London, just next to the Roger Gracie Jiu-jitsu gym. Growing up in London. Did the lifestyle ever attracted you? Kick boxing was an excuse. Community. Barbeque. Movement and space. Being patience. How much do MMA fighters bring to the cage because of the things they have watched in the past. Doing it my way. Frustrated of the lack of publicity. Paying to do the championships. Raymond Daniels. Constant chess game. Speaking with him for an hour before our flight. How much attention other people brought to it. How was the transition into MMA like? Contemplating MMA, Thai boxing, and wrestling. Volume of accurate fights are higher. I’m creative, and when I see someone like Jackie Chan do something in a movie, I would like, hmmm, can I do that. I’m sure I can make that work. Fighting is entertainment. Staying relaxed. Watch me walking into the cage. Before I’m in there, I’m already in that state. Do you register the audience when you are fighting? Zoning into my coach, the opponent, the opponent’s coach, the cameraman and the crowd. Signature move of raising the hands before the fight. WWF’s The Rock one liners. Taking loud, trash talk. Congruent. Used to the hecticness. Listening to music relaxes me. Keeping the let’s have fun mentality. MVP – Michael “Venom” Page Sunglasses during the interviews. Training for the next fighter. My arm was broken when wrestling. Learning from the beginning. Putting aside what you know. Paul and Alexis. How long before the first match. Whatever you say. How much longer before championships in Bellator. What’s it like to be a fighter before the fights. Reading people’s comments. Comments disrespectful to anyone who’s trained hard to enter the competition. The first fight you had, it was a fake right? They will always want to see you fail. When are you going to fight in the UFC. The Bellator brand and the show. Conor McGregor. Movement. Spatial awareness. Ronda Rousey. The way you market yourself. I want to take MMA to the next level. When you are being flamboyant, you feed of the energy. What do you think of the Americans? They love me in Brazil. Anderson Silva. How do you keep your ego in check? Secure the team around me. What do you see in the future besides the acting? I just want to be the best Hands Down. Why do you fight with your hands down? Decide how the fight happens. I get bullied and beaten up in the gym so that I it doesn’t happen out there. Just because you guys don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In MMA, you should be able to box with the best and so he fly in the best. Sparing with Chris Eubanks Jr. This is why I love it in London Shootfight. Tailoring the training. Alexis Demetriades. Patience. OK to wait for the right time. Learning from failures. Does it ever bother you that you make a living from hurting people. Violence. The one person who understands me the most is the guy across in the ring. You have to respect every single person that goes into the cage. Paul Dailey. The British Invasion. Fighting with siblings. On the mat, he/she is not your sibling, this is the person you need to beat. After the fight you help that person up. Mayweather building up the opponent’s story. Robbie Lawler, Johny Hendrix, 170 in UFC. Getting inspiration from anything. Ido Portal’s Movement Experience. What did you learn? Body proofing. Prehabilitation. Taking different aspects of other sports. Phone call to the 20 year old Michael Page. Best advice ever received. Advice to the 20 year old out there. Guilty pleasures. Diet. Show us a bit of Hands Down. Connect with Michael “Venom” PageMichaelVenomPage. comFacebook@MichaelPage247Instagram


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