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Masiela Lusha - My Life As A Refugee


Masiela Lusha is an American actress, author, producer and humanitarian.


00:00 | Trailer
01:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:33 Brian’s introduction
05:37 Dramatic escape from Albania aged three
12:37 So sad humanity has to be inter-linked by policies, why can’t we just love
15:38 The current climate in America regarding refugees
18:48 Masiela’s writing published from age of 12
20:50 Talent scouted and a move to LA at an early age
25:44 The George Lopez show from 14 years old
28:47 What it is like to be an actress in LA
29:54 Filming Sharknado
33:48 Masiela’s character in George Lopez
35:21 Acting is work, it’s not a lifestyle
38:23 The pitfall for the child actor
41:12 Networking is one of Masiela’s struggles in life
45:52 A poet, an author, a fashion designer, what drives Masiela
53:12 Taking inspiration from Mother Teresa
58:27 Ambassador for Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale1:03:03 Frustrated to miss the Academy awards in LA
1:07:30 Masiela feels she still has so much to contribute in life
1:08:34 What it is like to be a woman in LA
1:13:10 Success secrets
1:14:03 Her love for watching films and reading books
1:14:38 Why she considers her Mom a successful person
1:15:12 Why she no longer looks at everything at face value
1:17:22 Masiela’s view on failure
1:18:09 Darkest and best moments of her life
1:18:35 What keeps her awake at night
1:19:16 How she leads people
1:22:48 The changing face of Holywood
1:24:03 Where the name of Masiela comes from
1:24:42 Phone call to the 20 year old Masiela
1:25:11 Best advice ever received
1:27:50 Advice to the 20 year watching who wants to be like Masiela
1:29:05 Brian’s summing up.


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