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Lawrence Krauss – Success Secrets

Surprisingly, Lawrence’s Success Secrets are more creative than they are systematic. He spends a lot of energy staying passionate and excited, and like he told, that can mean being upset by things.

In this section, Lawrence talks about:

  • Working out regularly
  • Surviving without lots of sleep
  • Being a night person
  • Changing his routine daily
  • Focusing on the task in hand
  • Staying excited and inspired
  • Passion and being upset
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Enjoy what you do and it won’t be hard
  • The amazing opportunities he has had

How do you stay excited? What rituals and routines can you start applying today to keep you inspired in your work?

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Dominic Jones

“Be willing to work hard” Ain’t that the truth 🙂

John Robinson

Brian: “Welcome to Britain” LOL!!

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