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Laurence Krauss - The Origins Project: Why Religion Is The Death Of Intelligence


The Greatest Story Ever Told

Lawrence Krauss is the theoretical physicist, cosmologist and best-selling author. He has written over 300 scientific publications and 9 books, including the bestsellers “The Physics of Star Trek” and “A Universe from Nothing. “Lawrence Krauss also served on the science policy committee for President Barack Obama, acted in Hollywood films, and run the Origins Project Foundation, dedicated to hosting public panel discussions & podcasts, on science, culture, and social issues.


00:00 | Trailer
02:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:20 Brian’s introduction
04:11 Podcasting with guests of diverse expertise using the same team as made The Unbelievers film
07:03 Concern for Science colleagues in UK with the threat of Brexit approaching
11:55 The dark side of climate change and a conundrum when the ice sheet melts into the sea in Greenland
29:46 The most effective way to govern people is to make them afraid and how to counteract this
33:20 Humans are perhaps just a tiny blip of insignificance on the planet
35:35 Lawrence is impressed by teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg
41:00 Existential global threats
48:01 Why, religiously speaking, Lawrence is now an apatheist
Religion poisons everything
1:00:52 What Lawrence thinks of the flat earth movement
1:03:04 What is new and exciting in the world of scientific discoveries and why science news is important
1:14:44 Need for everyone to learn the scientific process of sceptical enquiry in a pseudo democratic society
1:27:23 Being a politician automatically limits you, but Donald Trump discards the science for his own ends
1:29:33 You don’t have to be a mathematical wizard to be a great scientist
1:31:37 Would Lawrence ever teach again
His thoughts on effect of political correctness upon campuses
1:40:03 Does he think that ASU was fair to him or did they succumb to the political correctness of the time
1:46:28 What the prospects for the next ten years are for Lawrence
1:48:50 What scares him
1:50:17 What we would be surprised to learn about Lawrence Krauss
1:52:47 What keeps him awake at night
1:54:12 Success secrets
1:54:53 … Phone call to the 20 years old Lawrence Krauss
1:56:04 Best advice he ever received
2:02:58 Advice to the 20 years-old watching
2:03:26 Brian’s summing up.


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