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Klaus Yohannes - The Black Viking

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00:00 | Trailer
02:52 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:03 | Brian’s introduction
07:07 | Description of the death saga
12:11 | Klaus opens up as to why he undertakes all these sagas
15:44 | How Black Vikings came into being
18:51 | If he gives up Klaus thinks the worm inside him will return
20:02 | Where the name Black Vikings came from
21:49 | Success secrets
22:18 | How city living is detrimental to our bodies
25:46 | Why Klaus wants to adopt five orphans
28:25 | Where his powerful poetic writing comes from
31:01 | The crucifixion saga
46:43 | Why Klaus’ arms were numb, but he remained determined to finish
49:19 | What happened once he finished
55:48 | It’s midnight, Klaus is going into surgery and sends a text “sell all my stuff”
58:59 | His condition after the operation
1:03:13 | “Wanted suffering and so now I’ve got exactly what I wanted
1:05:16 | Struggling with rehabilitation
1:07:12 | Decision to make the documentary made Klaus become vulnerable in recalling his past
1:16:54 | Planning future sagas
1:22:48 | Klaus recites some of his poetry and talks about what inspired them
1:33:16 | There is something that Klaus is doing which connects with people
1:37:35 | Klaus’ plans for his way forward
1:38:11 | Brian’s summing up.


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