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Kevin Ferguson Jr - The Legacy of Kimbo Slice


Kevin Ferguson Jr., aka “Baby Slice” is an MMA fighter who is the son of the late “Kimbo Slice,” Kevin Ferguson Sr. He currently competes in Bellator’s welterweight division and recently won his first professional fight at their Bellator 179 event.

Born on May 5, 1992, Kevin Jr. has faced the challenge of living up to the expectations set by his late father, a street-fighting sensation turned professional MMA fighter. In this London Real episode, host Brian Rose sits down with Kevin to discuss what it was like having Kimbo Slice as a father, why wrestling is more useful for MMA than Jiu-Jitsu and his ultimate career goals.

Kevin Ferguson Jr. grew up in the shadow of his father, Kimbo Slice, whose rise to fame began with backyard street fights that went viral on the internet. Kimbo’s raw power and charismatic persona turned him into a phenomenon, transitioning from street fighting to professional MMA. Tragically, Kimbo Slice passed away in 2016, leaving behind a legacy that Kevin Jr. would carry forward.

Kevin Ferguson Jr.’s entry into MMA was a natural progression influenced by his father’s legacy. Despite growing up surrounded by the fighting world, he initially pursued a career in football. However, the allure of the combat sports that had defined his father’s life eventually drew him into the cage.

In 2016, Kevin Ferguson Jr. made his professional MMA debut for Bellator MMA, an organisation that had also featured his father. The debut marked the beginning of his journey as Baby Slice, a moniker that paid homage to his father’s legacy while establishing his own identity in the MMA community.

Stepping into the cage as the son of a legendary fighter has brought both opportunities and challenges for Kevin Ferguson Jr. While expectations and comparisons were inevitable, Baby Slice has been determined to forge his own path and make a name for himself in the competitive world of MMA.

Kevin Ferguson Jr. has consistently expressed his desire to honour his father’s legacy while creating his own mark in the MMA landscape. He recognises the impact his father had on the sport and the inspiration he provided to many aspiring fighters. Baby Slice’s journey becomes a tribute to the lessons learned from Kimbo Slice, not just in fighting skills but also in resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

While the connection to Kimbo Slice is an integral part of Kevin Ferguson Jr.’s story, he is determined to build his own identity within the MMA community. Baby Slice is not merely living in his father’s shadow but is actively working to establish himself as a formidable fighter with his own unique style and skills.

Beyond the cage, Kevin Ferguson Jr. is involved in community initiatives and charitable work, contributing to the legacy of compassion and community engagement established by his father. His efforts to connect with fans and inspire the next generation of fighters showcase a commitment to carrying forward the positive aspects of Kimbo Slice’s legacy.

Kevin Ferguson Jr., aka Baby Slice, is navigating the challenging world of MMA with a dual purpose: to honour the legacy of his legendary father, Kimbo Slice, and to establish his own identity as a skilled and respected fighter.

The journey of Baby Slice goes beyond wins and losses; it represents the continuation of a fighting legacy and the creation of a new chapter in the Ferguson family story. As Kevin Ferguson Jr. evolves in the MMA world, he not only carries the torch passed on by his father but also sparks a flame that is uniquely his own.


00:00 | Trailer
01:40 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:27 Brian’s introduction
05:11 Growing up in Miami, up for a fight if anyone crossed him
08:06 The first time he asked Kimbo Slice to train him
10:20 What it was like to have Kimbo Slice as a father
10:47 Move to Connecticut to train hard and show his father that his desire to fight was serious
12:23 His style is in his blood and from watching his father
13:07 Evolving his own style by using wrestling and Jiu Jitsu
14:12 Wrestling is more useful for MMA than Jiu Jitsu
16:34 What Kimbo Slice was like as a person and father
18:57 “If you don’t stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything
“19:46 Kevin is here to make a statement and show he is better than his father
23:31 The passing of his father Kimbo Slice
25:41 First fight for Bellator, what he learned and improved upon for next fight
27:13 How MMA is evolving
30:36 What Kevin wants from his career
31:41 Kevin’s thoughts on potential Mayweather vs Conor fight36:52 How Kevin sees the future of Bellator and how he feels about fighting in the UK
38:18 How Kevin prepares for the next forthcoming fight
41:44 Baseball is the wiser choice for his children to go into
42:13 Thoughts on the Daley vs Macdonald fight, MVP and “King Mo”
47:28 Success secrets
48:15 What has Kevin changed his mind about recently
48:58 What frightens Kevin
49:17 What keeps him awake at night
50:04 His family’s characteristics
52:22 Phone call to the 15 year old Kevin
55:21 Best advice ever received
56:11 Advice to the young man listening who wants to be like Kevin
57:14 Brian’s summing up.


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