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Watch > Episode > John Wu - The Blockchain Is For Everyone: How Avalanche Is Winning The Race To Democratise Finance

John Wu - The Blockchain Is For Everyone: How Avalanche Is Winning The Race To Democratise Finance


President of Ava Labs

Today’s guest is another welcome addition to our slate of savvy financial minds that have made the transition to the arena of blockchain and decentralised finance. He’s a man I’m only too familiar with having had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with his well-respected company founder Emin Gün Sirer back in October.

John Wu is the President of Ava Labs, and is also an entrepreneur and technology investor with a storied 20-year career working for some of the biggest hedge funds in the financial industry, most notably with a sharp focus on investments in the areas of technology, media, telecom, and fintech.

John began his career working at Tiger Management (founded by Julian Robertson) as an analyst where he researched, structured and executed global macro investments. This included trading currencies/FX and derivatives before becoming Portfolio Manager at Kingdon Capital, a global hedge fund with up to $7 billion assets under management during his tenure.

He is also the founder and CEO of Sureview Capital, an alternative investment family office with an emphasis on technology, a theme that has understandably seen his unique skill set and expertise sought by Ava Labs founder Emin Gün Sirer as the company continues its rapidly expanding infrastructure.

John’s vision is to make it easy for everyone to create, launch, and trade digital assets, while ensuring the democratisation of financial markets continues and a new ecosystem that bridges the gaps that currently exists continues apace. Avalanche is right at the forefront of problem solving and it is through their work that we are seeing a raft of use cases and applications that can be serviced with speed, security, low cost and in a decentralised manner.

John envisages a world where use cases can transform business models and therefore entire industries will shift and reimagine their own potential. Much of this is through the work that Avalanche have done, creating near instant finality on transactions and subnets that will instigate even greater adoption.

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In the meantime sit back and enjoy my interview with John. He is an incredible communicator and someone who manages to convey the growth and sheer magnitude of what is happening to both natives and newbies alike, when it comes to DeFi, the blockchain, NFTs and of course cryptocurrency.

As John himself points out,

“Every single person can be part of this technology; it’s inclusive; which is unlike other technology shifts that happened in the past.”

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  1. 90’s banks vs today’s crypto markets
  2. Ava Labs and innovation
  3. It will be a multichain world
  4. Web3 is for the people
  5. Money is actually very cheap
  6. Deloitte and Ava Labs
  7. Everything works better on Ava Labs
  8. Putting a market cap on fun
  9. Current financial rules don’t work for crypto
  10. We need to fight for an open Metaverse
  11. NFTs, Tech, Art & Culture
  12. Perfection is the enemy of progress
  13. The one basis point guy
  14. The best advice you’ll never do


00:00 | Trailer.
02.42 | Brian’s introduction.
03:34 | Miami today, feels like the buzz on Wall Street in the 1990s.
09:31 | John Wu explains what Ava Labs does and his role in it.
19:58 | What John Wu thinks will be the outcome of the Layer One wars.
24:42 | Web 2.0 to 3.0, how John Wu explains to people that they can own their own data and have responsibility for it and can own NFTs.
27:06 | How do we transition from one person driving business development, to one where the community takes that on?
32:53 | It’s more important that you have access to customers and users rather than money: money is very cheap.
36:34 | When John Wu says we listen to our community, we engage with our community, what does that mean in practice?
38:24 | Steve Jobs said my customers know what they want when I tell them, does that work in today’s world?
39:26 | The significance of companies or institutions such as Deloitte and Mastercard partnering with Avalanche.
42:16 | There is the X chain and C chain but what do the P chain and subnets do?
45:58 | Using Bitcoin as a currency does not work as it is too slow. Speed is the elephant in the room.
49:46 | Does John agree with Justin Sun of TRON that Ethereum should just concentrate on keeping its proof of work system going, leaving proof of stake to others?
50:16 | Will we see proof of stake soon on Ethereum?
51:40 | What is the value of the community.
56:34 | Does John agree with the analogy that teaching today’s young people about crypto finance is like teaching an earlier generation about sex?
58:25 | John Wu’s thoughts on regulation and the form it should take.
1:05:17 | The interconnection between digital worlds with the gaming format, with NFTs and with DeFi and reaction to Facebook changing its name to Meta.
1:11:51 | NFTs, what is the attraction and are they here to stay?
1:17:23 | A stand out moment for John Wu in 2020 and 2021.
1:20:58 | Important leadership lessons from John Wu.
1:25:57 | Jeff Booth said Bitcoin can save humanity, making us bring our better selves to this world, does John agree.
1:27:07 | What 2022 is going to bring for Ava Labs.
1:27:58 | To the user or developer listening, how can they learn more about Ava Labs and John Wu. What he encourages them to do to make their next step.
1:29:21 | Does he have any personal practices to keep himself so fresh?
1:32:00 | What he took from Harvard Business School.
1:34:24 | Brian’s summing up.


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