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John Wayne Parr – The Gunslinger

John Wayne Parr, also known as JWP, is an Australian kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. He is a former 10-time World Champion and was the runner up on The Contender Asia.

00:00 Trailer.
02:01 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:59 Brian’s Introduction.
05:50 Winning 125th fight at 40.
06:29 Brief retirement was time needed to reconnect with his ‘why’.
09:17 “Silly”, “fun” “love”, words not usually equated with MMA.
13:00 Movement training views.
16:29 What drives him to keep fighting?
22:19 The route to Thailand and Thai Boxing aged 19.
30:26 History of Thai Boxing and why it’s highly regarded as a national sport.
32:49 How John Wayne became the “gunslinger”.
35:55 Living and learning in Thailand, with advice to visiting Westerners.
44:52 A tough time follows.
48:25 Recognition and success arrives.
57:04 Return to Australia and making a successful life there.
1:00:08 The Contender Asia.
1:05:53 Fighting with emotion.
1:09:03 Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor fight.
1:14:32 UFC 200 and Mark Hunt.
1:18:56 Thoughts on Brock Lesnar.
1:21:55 Ronda Rousey fight with Holly Holm in Sydney, Australia.
1:27:07 Coping strategy after a lost fight.
1:28:42 Why is John not a UFC fighter?
1:32:16 How does John justify enjoying something so violent?
1:41:37 John’s belief in the spirit world and the influence of Buddhism.
1:49:42 Success Secrets.
1:5018 Who John considers is successful.
2:02:29 About Joe Rogan.
2:06:51 Brian’s summing up.
2:08:59 Call to the 20 year old John Wayne Parr.
2:09:40 Best advice ever received.
2:11:14 Call to the 20 year old who wants to fight and be like him.

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16 Comments on "John Wayne Parr – The Gunslinger"

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2 months 19 days ago

Wonderful interview, great job Brian! Thanks!

Ray Bacchus
4 months 11 days ago


Ray Bacchus
4 months 11 days ago

His love of life and his art

” your one punch from winning ”

Fantastic mind set

Another great just job Brian

4 months 13 days ago

Feeling inspired by JWP, authentic, humble & honest, not hiding away.

Ray Bacchus
4 months 11 days ago

Hi Peter
Spot on
Nice one

Chris Ellis
4 months 13 days ago

Ok, now a Thai Boxing lesson with JWP has been added to my bucket list!

Bill Davies
4 months 13 days ago

Great interview. JWP is one of those truly inspirational human beings. Really interesting to get his take on Thai culture too. What JWP’s absorbed, learned, taught and transmitted over the years is more than sport.

4 months 15 days ago

Amazing conversation! Love this guy, so likeable!

4 months 15 days ago

What a life JWP has lived. Amazing.

4 months 15 days ago

Break dancing? O-kay then….. Haha. I’m a lil’ bit too old for that.

4 months 16 days ago

every time you see JWP its confirmed he’s one of the best blokes you could come across

Richard Beach
4 months 18 days ago

What an inspirational interview, such a humble and nice guy.

4 months 18 days ago

Simply amazing, Inspiring, thank you so much for an amazing interview, Big respect from Mongolia

4 months 20 days ago

Humble, respectful and an absolute warrior!! Total respect to you Mr Parr…

4 months 21 days ago

Total respect for you John, what an amazing fighter. Lives his life with PASSION !!!

Milosz Wozniak
4 months 22 days ago

it’s better to lost then quit – NO QUESTION MARKS! – amazing individual

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