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John Wayne - The Gunslinger


John Wayne Parr, also known as JWP, is an Australian kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. He is a former 10-time World Champion and was the runner up on The Contender Asia.
.2:08:59 Call to the 20 year old John Wayne Parr.2:09:40 Best advice ever received.2:11:14 Call to the 20 year old who wants to fight and be like him.


00:00 | Trailer
02:01 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:59 Brian’s Introduction
05:50 Winning 125th fight at 40
06:29 Brief retirement was time needed to reconnect with his ‘why’
09:17 “Silly”, “fun” “love”, words not usually equated with MMA
13:00 Movement training views
16:29 What drives him to keep fighting
22:19 The route to Thailand and Thai Boxing aged 19
30:26 History of Thai Boxing and why it’s highly regarded as a national sport
32:49 How John Wayne became the “gunslinger”
35:55 Living and learning in Thailand, with advice to visiting Westerners
44:52 A tough time follows
48:25 Recognition and success arrives
57:04 Return to Australia and making a successful life there
1:00:08 The Contender Asia
1:05:53 Fighting with emotion
1:09:03 Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor fight
1:14:32 UFC 200 and Mark Hunt
1:18:56 Thoughts on Brock Lesnar
1:21:55 Ronda Rousey fight with Holly Holm in Sydney, Australia
1:27:07 Coping strategy after a lost fight
1:28:42 Why is John not a UFC fighter
1:32:16 How does John justify enjoying something so violent
1:41:37 John’s belief in the spirit world and the influence of Buddhism
1:49:42 Success Secrets
1:5018 Who John considers is successful
2:02:29 About Joe Rogan
2:06:51 Brian’s summing up.


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