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John Gooden - Voice Of The UFC


John Gooden is a seasoned sports broadcaster and commentator who has become a familiar voice to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans worldwide. Recognised for his eloquence, in-depth analysis, and passion for the sport, Gooden has played a crucial role in delivering captivating narratives and insights to the audience. In this episode, John joins host Brian Rose in studio to discuss his career, contributions to MMA broadcasting, and the impact of his engaging commentary on the sport’s global audience.

Born on July 21, 1980, in Staffordshire, England, John Gooden’s journey into the world of combat sports was rooted in a genuine passion for martial arts. Before transitioning into broadcasting, Gooden was actively involved in martial arts training, holding a black belt in judo and gaining experience in various disciplines. This firsthand experience with combat sports provided him with a unique perspective that would later enhance his commentary skills.

John Gooden’s transition to broadcasting began in the early 2000s when he started working as a presenter and commentator for various MMA promotions in the United Kingdom. His early experience allowed him to refine his skills and develop a keen understanding of the intricacies of the sport. Gooden’s dedication to mastering the craft of broadcasting laid the foundation for his future success in the MMA world.

John Gooden’s breakthrough came when he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier organisation in MMA, as a commentator and analyst. His articulate delivery, insightful commentary, and ability to break down complex fight strategies quickly earned him recognition among fans. Gooden’s contributions to the UFC’s broadcasts added a layer of depth, providing audiences with a richer understanding of the action inside the Octagon.

What sets John Gooden apart in the world of MMA broadcasting is his distinctive style and unwavering professionalism. Known for his eloquent narration and thoughtful analysis, Gooden brings a level of sophistication to UFC broadcasts. His ability to convey the emotion and significance of each moment, coupled with a deep knowledge of the fighters and their backgrounds, enhances the overall viewing experience for fans.

John Gooden’s impact extends beyond the English-speaking MMA audience, as he is often called upon to provide commentary for UFC international events. His ability to seamlessly switch between languages, delivering commentary in both English and the local language, has further solidified his status as a global voice for the sport. Gooden’s international presence reflects the UFC’s commitment to reaching a diverse and expansive fan base.

In addition to his work with the UFC, John Gooden has collaborated with various platforms, contributing to MMA coverage and analysis. His insightful interviews, pre-fight breakdowns, and post-fight analyses have become integral parts of the broader MMA media landscape. Gooden’s continued growth and adaptability in an ever-evolving sport showcase his commitment to staying at the forefront of MMA broadcasting.

John Gooden’s contributions to the MMA community have not gone unnoticed by fans. His engaging social media presence, where he shares behind-the-scenes glimpses, interacts with followers, and provides additional insights, has endeared him to a global audience. Fans appreciate not only his expertise but also his genuine passion for the sport and respect for its athletes.

John Gooden’s journey from a martial arts enthusiast to a distinguished voice in the world of MMA broadcasting underscores the intersection of passion, knowledge, and professional dedication. His eloquent commentary, insightful analysis, and international presence have elevated the viewing experience for MMA fans worldwide.

As a key figure in the UFC’s broadcast team, John Gooden’s continued contributions to the sport ensure that his voice will remain synonymous with the excitement and drama of mixed martial arts for years to come.


00:00 | Trailer
02:08 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:04 Brian’s Introduction
06:23 Who is this English guy with a bow tie, what does he know about MMA
10:25 Fluctuations in UFC influence in UK
12:39 John’s aim to elevate audience experience
15:02 Early life skills invaluable in John’s progression to his current success
23:40 A tense Cage Warriors assignment in Chechnya
28:13 John’s perspective on Conor McGregor from his early days
39:33 What makes John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast gym special
41:50 Ido Portal’s work with Conor McGregor
45:42 What has made Conor McGregor the super star
51:45 The art of commentating
Who will replace Mike Goldberg
58:24 Exciting opportunities for the UFC under new ownership
1:03:30 John’s ground breaking working relationship with Dan Hardy
1:11:31 John’s thoughts on Ronda Rousey
1:18:31 Will Connor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather Jr
1:20:37 What experiences and nutritional beliefs make John the person he is
1:38:18 Success secrets
1:39:00 Phone call to 20 year old John Gooden
1:40:41 Best advice ever received
1:41:25 Phone call to the 20 year old who aspires to being a UFC broadcaster
1:44:29 Keep exploring direct interaction
1:47:41 Brian’s summing up.


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