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Jason Silva - Shots of Awe


In this compelling London Real episode, futurist, television personality, filmmaker and performance philosopher Jason Silva drops by to talk about his take on the Singularity and how we as humans are becoming Gods, why the human condition is defined by our Death Anxiety, and how his mom taught him that the most important thing in life is to be kind.

Born on February 6, 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela, Jason Silva’s early life and multicultural upbringing set the stage for his intellectual curiosity and exploratory mindset. After completing his degree in film and philosophy at the University of Miami, Silva began his career as a filmmaker, creating short films that melded profound philosophical ideas with stunning visuals.

Jason Silva has gained widespread recognition for his online series “Shots of Awe.” These short, intellectually charged videos, referred to as “philosophical espresso shots,” have become a digital sensation. In these thought-provoking and visually compelling segments, Silva explores a wide array of topics, ranging from the nature of human consciousness and the impact of technology on society to the profound beauty of existence. Silva’s ability to distil complex concepts into digestible and poetic narratives has resonated with audiences seeking intellectual stimulation and inspiration.

At the core of Jason Silva’s philosophy is techno-optimism: a belief in the transformative potential of technology to enhance human experience and elevate our collective consciousness. Silva embraces the possibilities offered by emerging technologies, arguing that advancements in fields like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and biotechnology have the potential to transcend current limitations and propel humanity into a future of unprecedented creativity and connectivity.

What sets Jason Silva apart is his ability to bridge the realms of science and art seamlessly. He views these domains not as disparate entities but as symbiotic forces that, when combined, elevate the human experience. Silva argues that art has the power to communicate the ineffable, tapping into the emotional and transcendent aspects of our existence, while science provides the rigorous framework and understanding that grounds these experiences in reality.

Silva often refers to the current era as the “Age of Wonder,” a time when humanity is on the cusp of transformative breakthroughs and a renaissance of creativity. In this age, Silva envisions a convergence of exponential technologies and human imagination, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for innovation, expression, and connection.

Beyond his digital presence, Jason Silva is a sought-after public speaker and keynote presenter. His talks at conferences and events captivate audiences with a unique blend of intellectual rigour, passion, and optimism. Silva’s ability to articulate complex ideas in a compelling and accessible manner has made him a dynamic force in the world of futurism and techno-philosophy.

Jason Silva’s journey from a filmmaker exploring the depths of philosophical inquiry to a futurist inspiring audiences around the world reflects a deep-seated passion for the limitless potential of the human mind and the transformative power of technology. Through his films, online series, and public engagements, Silva continues to invite us to ponder the profound questions of existence and embrace the wonders that the future holds. In the Age of Wonder, Jason Silva stands as a guide, urging us to explore the intersection of science, philosophy, and art and to envision a future where the boundaries of human potential are redefined.


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