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James Albury - Occupy to Julian Assange


Citizen Journalist James Albury drops by to discuss the burnout factor at the Occupy London movement, why Corporate Media will ultimately always compromise, how we should separate Julian Assange from the work done by Wikileaks, and why anyone has the right to film or take photos in a public place at any time.


“Corporate media have sponsorship and advertising and I think that compromises them.” – James (2:21)

“There was every form of humanity there and such a diverse mixture of people.” – James (05:14)

“I suffered from this a bit myself, just burnout, sheer exhaustion.” – James (05:54)

“Back in 2008 we were told by experts that the economy would be back by 2010.” – James (07:37)

“If I see something on a social network and I’m able to get to it then I’ll cover it.” – James (11:53)

“I got to a point where I stopped reading newspapers because they are so biased.” – Nic (14:06)

“Do we have a natural tendency as humans to love to read the scandal?” – Brian (18:12)

“If protesters are getting hit by police there’s a large portion of society that says, ‘Good'” – James (26:10)

“If you’re in a public place you have every right to photograph and film as much as you like.” – James (27:26)

“What difference has all of that protest made? Has it changed any of the bank’s policies?” – Nic (36:38)

“What Occupy did do was independently organize people globally for the first time.” – James (37:15)

“What’s really important to do is to separate Julian Assange from Wikileaks” – James (42:54)
“I don’t think we can have enough citizen journalists, I don’t think we can enough podcasts, I encourage everyone to do your version of London Real wherever you are.” – Brian (58:30


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