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J.D. Seraphine - Raiinmaker: Transforming The World Through Media & Technology


CEO of Raiinmaker

“We believe that everyone is a creator and our collective actions form the foundation of our global economy.”

As the spectre of AI casts its shadow over our horizon, it’s undeniable that the pace of change in our world is accelerating beyond what many of us can comfortably comprehend.

While AI may evoke apprehension in some, it also holds the promise of empowering individuals worldwide, offering solutions to daunting challenges that humanity faces.

Despite the uncertainties and fears surrounding AI, its potential for good cannot be ignored, offering opportunities for remarkable impact as we confront the complexities of our time, something today’s guest not only recognises, but is compelled to capitalise on.

“I think we’re at a unique crossroads as a species and we have a finite window of time to make an evolutionary leap, and I feel that the combination of AI and blockchain technology and Web3 have the capability to empower us all in ways that we couldn’t have imagined even two or three years ago.”

On today’s livestream we have the huge privilege of welcoming a man of many talents, whose exploits in the heady world of Hollywood have led him into the pioneering realm of blockchain and AI.

J.D. Seraphine, has over 16 years experience entrenched in the entertainment industry, in a trailblazing career that has seen him collaborate with luminaries such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Having started his journey working in production on the hit TV series “24”, his career highlights include producing and financing acclaimed projects like the groundbreaking documentary “Sirius,” and the Tony-nominated Broadway hit “Rock of Ages”.

A significant pivot in JD’s career came with his directorial role in the groundbreaking documentary series “Open Source Money“, delving into the rise of Dragonchain and the global evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The series featured notable figures including Patrick Byrne, Brock Pierce, Joe Roets, and fueled public interest in cryptocurrency worldwide. Premiering on the Discovery Science Channel in 2020, the series captivated audiences, reaching a significant audience in the US alongside critical acclaim.

The series opened JD’s eyes to a world of potential and was the first documentary series 100% funded with crypto that premiered on cable television. Today, JD is the CEO of Raiinmaker, a venture he co-founded in 2018, and has become one of the fastest-growing Web3 powered apps tailored for the social creator economy.

Raiinmaker’s innovative platform empowers creators of all scales to earn cryptocurrency by sharing content across social networks. The app’s proprietary consensus algorithm, ‘Proof of Influence’, ensures fair rewards for content sharing, merging AI technology with decentralised principles.

Raiinmaker stands at the forefront of Web3 and AI convergence, democratising data creation and collection. Utilising the decentralised system DePIN, Raiinmaker simplifies node management, targeting broad adoption across sports, gaming, and entertainment sectors.

Through the Raiinmaker mobile app, users can become validators, deploying code from their smartphones to access decentralised computing power. The Raiinmaker coin ($COIIN) facilitates smart contract execution and AI model access, enhancing user engagement and participation.

JD’s visionary leadership extends beyond Raiinmaker. As the founder of Vision Tree, he considers the enormous power to influence at the crossroads of media and technology. Vision Tree’s slate of theatrical film properties and strategic investments in blockchain technology underscores its commitment to revolutionising the entertainment industry.

JD’s immersion in blockchain technology stems from a desire to track and redistribute the value generated by users, particularly in the social media sphere. The Raiinmaker Network Protocol, a culmination of JD’s vision, represents a paradigm shift in digital interactions, prioritising privacy, security, and user empowerment.

For JD, the marriage of AI and Web3 epitomises a transformative force poised to empower individuals globally. Raiinmaker’s AI Super App and Network Protocol epitomises this ethos, revolutionising the monetization of user contributions to AI infrastructure.

I’m really looking forward to welcoming JD into the London Realm studio. As a man who has served in the beating heart of Hollywood, he has made a seamless transition to the world of Web3, bringing a level of expertise that is sorely needed. JD’s vision for a more equitable digital landscape serves as a beacon for industry evolution and societal transformation.

“I came into the space to explore the potential of utilising the technology in the media sector. Once I got deeper into the industry, I saw the massive potential for blockchain technology to transform the world.”

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