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Ivan Farneti - Glory Kickboxing


As we continue to watch the rise and rise of Mixed Martial Arts via the UFC, it’s hard not to recognise the exciting things going on at GLORY World Series of Kickboxing.  If you like stand-up fighting like I do, the action packed 3 rounds of 3 minutes truly deliver and the 8 man, single night tournament is the ultimate display of toughness.

GLORY Board Member Ivan Farneti is an former technology startup guy who is now in the Fight Game and loving it.  He is building this brand from the ground-up which ultimately means making it a success in America and online.  Glory’s embraces social media feels and technology making it stand out from your typical old school media company.

With traditional boxing putting me to sleep these days (sorry Mayweather that was my last pay per view) I’m excited to see an ambitious organisation like GLORY bringing us the best in Kickboxing worldwide.

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