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Ice-T - Freedom Of Speech: Just Watch What You Say, Censorship During Coronavirus Lockdown


Pioneer Of Gangster Rap

Ice-T, is an American rapper, actor, producer, and author.

He started his career as an underground hip-hop artist in Los Angeles, before signing his first record deal in 1987. Ice-T has since gone on to release 15 albums, appear in over 80 films, and star in NBC’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” for over 20 years.

Throughout his career he has encountered controversy and protest, especially for the song “Cop Killer”, a commentary on police brutality and racism, that was widely censored and ultimately led to Ice-T’s departure from Warner Records.

He is considered to be one of the pioneers of gangster rap, always on the forefront of new messages and mediums.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:03 | Brian’s introduction.
02:47 | Ice-T’s advice on freedom of speech – just watch what you say.
10:48 | The powerful forces telling YouTube to shut down London Real.
11:45 | When the guns start firing you run for cover, you don’t ask who’s shooting.
15:09 | How Ice-T coped in the “Cop Killer” furore.
18:55 | The biggest fear on earth is for us all to become friends and understand each other’s situation.
21:22 | Why hip-hop culture expresses an artist’s viewpoint more than other music genres.
23:23 | Ice-T explains why his music resonated with the teenager Brian.
28:36 | Why Ice-T’s fans deeply connect to his music and how he feels about that responsibility.
32:40 | How Ice-T’s songs resonated with Brian during his time on Wall Street.
35:30 | As with all his music, Ice-T was channelling his Original Gangster album.
38:04 | Finding the legit hustle.
40:43 | When Ice-T faced the dilemma of potentially destroying his rapping career.
43:52 | How Ice-T has become the longest running actor in television history.
49:09 | How he found what he calls the final level.
56:51 | How he was always fly and how he has maintained that even through the downtimes.
1:01:21 | Ice-T’s views on Coronavirus, how it could affect the world and what is all you really need in life.
1:06:53 | His straight-talking opinion of Donald Trump.
1:10:52 | How at 62, he is able to still rock the room and if he will still be doing it at 72.
1:14:17 | What it is means to him to have a child later in life.
1:19:22 | The worst and best days of Ice-T’s life.
1:25:44 | What scares him.
1:27:29 | Ice-T’s prediction for the survival of our species.
1:30:04 | Success secrets.
1:30:41 | Ice-T’s appreciation of his interview with Brian Rose.
1:32:03 | Brian splits a bar on one of Ice-T’s tracks.
1:32:57 | Ice-T responds with one rhyme for the road.
1:34:55 | Brian’s summing up.


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