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Dan Peña - Movie Bonus: Hall of Fame


Movie Bonus: The $50 Billion Man

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Pena multiple times throughout the years. Pena is also better known as the 50 Billion Dollar Man, or the Trillion Dollar Man.

Dan Pena is someone who knows what he wants and sets out to get it. This is evident in his past, as he grew up in the barrios of Los Angeles and barely had any money.

Today, he’s made a fortune and continues to bring in the cash by mentoring people through his Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) program.

I got the chance to speak with Dan Pena once again. This time, to discuss his Hall of Fame.

Dan Pena’s Influencer Wall

Dan Pena’s Influencer Wall is located in the seminar wall. As the name implies, the people up on this wall are ones who have either directly or indirectly influenced Dan Pena.

There are lots of familiar faces up on the wall that look like they should belong there, including John F. Kennedy and Jesus. Some of the more questionable choices include Donald TrumpWinston Churchill, and Sigmund Freud.

Many are shocked to see Adolf Hitler on Pena’s wall, considering he was quite a sinister character in the history of mankind. In addition to HitlerDan Pena also has Stalin and Count Dracula.

Truth be told, Pena boldly states that these are indeed the people who have inspired him as an entrepreneur and leader.

Dan Pena’s Hall of Fame

Pena’s Hall of Fame is also located in the seminar room, right next to his Influencer Wall.

Here, there are no names, just pictures. And with some, there isn’t even a picture.

Simply put, the people on here are people who stay focused for longer.

Pena goes on to tell me the hottest industries to make money in today, including telco and healthcare, as well as cybersecurity. We have a fascinating conversation where he divulges his business insight into these areas.

Most Successful People Aren’t “Nice”

In this interview, I point out to Dan Pena that most of the people up on his Wall of Fame aren’t very nice people. He has a clever retort that the word “nice” didn’t historically have a positive connotation anyway, and he didn’t like to be considered “nice” anyway.

Pena admires that all these people are focused and that the ends justify the means. The only points where he draws the line are his actions have to be legal, moral, and ethical.

It might come as a surprise, but Pena is actually considered “soft” by other billionaires. Maybe also think he’s old-school and stuck in his archaic ways.

But Pena considers himself a strong and tough guy; anything but soft.

If you’re interested in hearing more on what the 50 Billion Dollar Man has to say, then you’ve got to tune in to this interview. Get a close look at his seminar room and how he’s built his massive empire.


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