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Gareth A Davies - The Pen is Mightier


In this fascinating London Real episode, renowned MMA journalist and author Gareth A. Davies describes how MMA and the Paralympics are two sports that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, why acceptance of MMA has lagged in the UK, how he could head-kick Ariel Helwani but chooses not to, and his advice to aspiring sports journalists.

Born in London, Gareth A Davies began his journey into journalism with a passion for combat sports. His early career saw him covering a diverse range of topics, but it was the allure of boxing and the burgeoning world of MMA that captured his attention. Davies’ dedication to reporting on the fight game set the stage for a career that would witness the evolution of combat sports.

Davies’ impact is perhaps most evident in his prolific writing career. As a sports journalist, he has contributed to numerous reputable publications, offering readers a ringside seat to the thrilling narratives of the boxing and MMA worlds. His articles, features, and columns provide not only detailed analysis of matches but also insights into the lives and journeys of the fighters, enriching the storytelling aspect of combat sports journalism.

Gareth A Davies’ expertise in boxing has made him a sought-after correspondent for some of the most significant events in the sport’s history. His ringside coverage captures the essence of iconic bouts, conveying the tension, drama, and triumphs in the squared circle. Davies’ ability to articulate the nuances of boxing strategy and convey the emotional intensity of pivotal moments has earned him the respect of both fans and fellow journalists.

In addition to his contributions to boxing journalism, Davies has been a fervent advocate for the sport of mixed martial arts. As MMA gained global prominence, he played a crucial role in educating audiences about the intricacies of the sport. His commentary and analysis have helped bridge the gap between traditional boxing fans and those newly drawn to the world of MMA, fostering a more comprehensive appreciation for both disciplines.

Gareth A Davies’ influence extends beyond the written word. He has lent his voice to numerous broadcasts and commentary panels, providing expert analysis during live events. Whether cageside at an MMA bout or ringside for a high-stakes boxing match, Davies’ commentary adds depth and context to the viewing experience, enhancing the connection between the sport and its audience.

Davies has been a vocal supporter of women’s participation and recognition in combat sports. As female fighters increasingly garnered attention and accolades, he used his platform to highlight their achievements and contribute to the broader conversation about gender equality in the world of boxing and MMA.

In the ever-evolving landscape of journalism, Gareth A Davies has embraced digital platforms and technological advancements to connect with a global audience. His online presence includes social media engagement, podcasts, and digital columns, ensuring that his insights and analyses reach enthusiasts worldwide. This adaptability underscores Davies’ commitment to staying at the forefront of sports journalism in the digital age.

Gareth A Davies’ journey from a passionate sports enthusiast to a respected pundit and writer reflects his enduring commitment to the world of combat sports. His ability to capture the essence of a fight, coupled with advocacy for inclusivity and technological engagement, positions Davies as a stalwart figure whose influence transcends the boundaries of traditional sports journalism.

As combat sports continue to captivate global audiences, Gareth A Davies remains a guiding voice in the ongoing narrative of punches thrown, stories told, and legacies written in the annals of boxing and MMA.


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