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Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood Goes Vegan


Evanna Lynch is an Irish actress, vegan activist and podcaster, who rose to prominence for her portrayal of Luna Lovegood, in the massively successful Harry Potter film series. She has since starred in independent films like Simon Maurice’s My Name Is Emily and currently performing in Enda Walsh’s iconic play, DISCO PIGS in New York. Evanna recently became vegan, and has launched her OWN podcast “CHICKPEEPS”, to encourage her fanbase to embrace the movement.


00:00 | Trailer
02:51 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:27 Brian’s introduction
05;58 The scariness of being a newbie podcaster
07:29 Growing up in Ireland, the positive and not so positive influences
16:24 Evanna always wished to be the centre of a story, but with no thought of acting
18:14 How the acting began and helped her to overcome her insecurities
21:45 Evanna’s insight into what it is to suffer from anorexia nervosa and the reason it affected her
27:48 Parental support for her desire to get into acting
29:34 A huge fan of the Harry Potter books she wrote to the author J K Rowling
31:58 The amazing way Evanna’s life evolved to be playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films
34:04 The day of the audition for Luna Lovegood role
40:11 Evanna loved acting the part, but then had to deal with the publicity and returning to school
44:03 What she learned from being in the films over a five-year period
46:26 How she thinks her parent’s trust and freedom to make her own choices has helped her
48:41 Her best and worst memories of the Harry Potter part of her life
51:48 Why she thinks the Harry Potter stories were so popular
52:50 Going to Los Angeles for five years and what it is like there
59:39 What she may do in the future
1:00:16 Returning to London and how the acting world differs from Los Angeles
1:01:28 Transitioning to the stage from films
1:04:15 Working with Simon Fitzmaurice on My Name is Emily
1:10:04 Why she has turned to veganism and started podcasting on the Chickpeeps
1:23:26 Who and why she thinks of this person as successful
1:25:00 Thought provoking and insightful reply to question on what keeps her awake at night
1:31:24 What super power Evanna has, to help her get things done
1:32:21 What scares Evanna
1:32:55 What we would be surprised to learn about Evanna
1:35:30 Most influential person in her life
1:36:47 Evanna’s mature perspective on the divisive attitudes in the world today including towards Donald Trump,1:41:23 Phone call to the fifteen-year old Evanna
1:43:20 Success secrets
1:44:22 Advice for young actors
1:46:16 Releasing emotions through movement practises
1:48:40 The art of listening
1:49:36 “I don’t work this hard to stay the same
“1:50:49 Brian’s summing up.


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