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Watch > Episode > Eric Hecker - UFOs & Advanced Technology: Whistleblower Lifts The Lid On Antarctica Special Ops

Eric Hecker - UFOs & Advanced Technology: Whistleblower Lifts The Lid On Antarctica Special Ops


“There are technologies at the South Pole station that people can’t even consider that exist on this planet.”

Antarctica, the southernmost continent on Earth, shrouded in mystery and wonder. This vast, icy expanse covers an area of about 14 million square kilometres, making it the fifth-largest and least populated continent on the planet.

Despite its size, it also remains one of the least explored and misunderstood regions on our planet. The continent is almost entirely covered by a thick layer of ice which holds about 70% of the world’s fresh water. The extreme cold, with temperatures plummeting below -80 degrees Celsius, and the isolation make it an extremely challenging environment for humans.

Antarctica’s mystery is further deepened by the discovery of meteorites, remnants of ancient asteroids, and signs of past volcanic activity adding layers to its enigmatic nature. To this day, Antarctica continues to captivate scientists and adventurers alike and, for the conspiratorially minded, offers the perfect environment to conduct secret military operations.

Well on today’s livestream we may come somewhat closer to uncovering the truth, as we’re set for a really fascinating conversation with a man who spent 366 consecutive days at the South Pole station. Eric Hecker is a former Navy defence contractor who has transitioned into a research investigator and whistleblower.

In 2010, Eric took on a contract to work at the South Pole with Raytheon – known to most as a research and development manufacturer in major aerospace, defence, and electronics technologies. During this time, he uncovered evidence that the facility was being used to develop and utilise directed energy weapon systems.

Eric explains that part of his responsibilities on the base included heading up an emergency response team, something that afforded him access all areas. It was through this role that he became aware of the dual nature of some of the technologies at the facility, like the IceCube Neutrino Detector, which he somewhat controversially suggested was indirectly responsible for the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Directed energy weapon systems is something that people need to get in their vocabulary fast.”

Eric has spoken of secret space programs, UFO activity and much much more as he bravely testified under oath before Congress, revealing the true purpose of the South Pole Station, while he also played a key role as a whistleblower in the ‘Disclosure Event’ organised by another former London Real guest, Dr. Steven Greer.

Eric asserts that Antarctica has a hidden history of nefarious activities involving the military-industrial complex, and that the technologies being developed there are so sophisticated they have the power to profoundly influence our future, while detrimentally impacting what we hold true.

Altogether, Eric spent 366 continuous days in Antarctica, with 365 of those days at the South Pole station. Eric’s motivation for speaking out is clear: like Dr. Steven Greer, he believes there is much more happening behind the scenes than what is presented to the public.

Eric discusses the ongoing battle among global factions over technologies that have been concealed from political and public view for too long and he argues that although some may think humanity is not ready for the truth, history has proven otherwise.

Eric’s unique perspective, forged from firsthand experiences, provides an unparalleled view into the mysterious world of Antarctica. He feels a duty to share his knowledge, believing that discernment comes through experience, and he is committed to bringing these revelations to light.

“I want to emphasise that we are currently in a state of war that people aren’t realising.”

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  1. Hidden UFO technology in Antarctica
  2. I saw dangerous weapons while working at the South Pole
  3. The artificial earthquake maker
  4. The deadliest continent on the planet
  5. The Havana syndrome
  6. The standard model of physics is a farce
  7. The End Game of the elite
  8. How the CIA manipulated me
  9. The voice to skull technology
  10. AI is a very dangerous technology
  11. I’ve walked a very interesting path
  12. The general population is becoming more aware


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