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Eddie Bravo - Life On 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu


10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu creator Eddie Bravo meets London Real in Venice Beach, CA to talk about music and his band Smoke Serpent, how his love for Bruce Lee eventually brought him to Jiu-Jitsu, why he avoided marijuana for most of his life and now embraces it, and how having a child has completely changed his priorities in life.


“I sample metal stuff, I sample Goth stuff, I sample old Nine Inch Nails stuff.” – Eddie Bravo (4:28
“I like no limits. With a rock band if you put a synthesiser in there you risk being called homo.” – Eddie Bravo (6:23)

“I didn’t know what I was going to do. That was the year I started smoking weed and the last thing I wanted to do was play electric guitar.” – Eddie Bravo (17:03)

“When dude form bands and they’re young and their screaming, that’s them sucking. Not having the balls to get emotional.” – Eddie Bravo (18:13)

“Why did you wait so long until you started smoking weed? Because I hated it.” – Eddie Bravo & Nic (18:59)

“I tried to do the rowing, it’s like I’m on a boat, oh this sucks!” – Eddie Bravo (20:12)

“I grew up a giant Bruce Lee fan but there were no Jeet Kune Do schools.” – Eddie Bravo (20:22)

“Why did you pick Jiu Jitsu? I saw UFC 2.” – Brian & Eddie Bravo (20:55)

“In boxing it’s OK to be racist, it doesn’t matter, you’re going for your countryman.” – Eddie Bravo (21:39)

“It’s nothing like doing Jiu Jitsu where you get to spar 100% That was the fun.” – Eddie Bravo (26:25)

“The UFC is responsible for the explosion of Jiu Jitsu. Directly.” – Eddie Bravo (28:12)

“A girl bent over, naked ass pussy right in front of them, and they’re looking at the big screen.” – Eddie Bravo (30:03)

“Can your Jiu Jitsu work when someone is trying to beat your skull in?” – Eddie Bravo (31:36)

“And she stumbled and face planted right into the porch and I couldn’t move.” – Eddie Bravo (42:20)

“I really respect you for doing that, you really put yourself out on the line. I had to.” – Nic & Eddie Bravo (45:44)

“There’s no way this chick has a better body and face than mine. My chick is the ultimate.” – Eddie Bravo (54:13)
“I can’t believe you turned into a pothead. You’re just wasting your life away. Marie, I know. It just sucks.” – Eddie Bravo (59:43


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