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Dylan Werner - How A Marine Firefighter Became a World Renowned Yogi

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00:00 | Trailer
02:36 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:31 | Brian’s introduction
04:01 | Dylan’s movement journey and influencers
09:35 | Language is very limiting in describing what Yoga is
11:56 | Something that is true is only in this present moment
20:05 | Dylan has always felt a mind and body connection in any of the extreme sports he has done
24:08 | Dylan’s perspective on his past life since taking up yoga
27:09 | The big influence on Dylan’s young life he would have viewed differently
32:43 | What yoga is not
34:10 | The present moment confronts you with who you are, there is nothing to hide behind
37:42 | How Dylan came to yoga and fame
50:47 | Thinking about the meaning of his life and what is his purpose
54:38 | Western culture finds giving of one’s self and being of service, hard to follow
56:13 | Why he posts pictures on Instagram
59:42 | What yoga is and its different types
1:16:13 | What hand balancing has taught him
1:20:03 | Fighting to achieve, there are five things needed to do this
1:25:12 | Nature is a reflection of the inner truth of the self
1:30:10 | The vision quest: the 12 guiding principles
1:41:12 | Controlling the mind is a process one continually has to practice
1:43:21 | PTSD is a different experience for each one who has it and how he was able to get rid of his
1:48:08 | Movement is essential
1:50:00 | If you stop moving, you start dying
1:53:43 | What is Dylan’s purpose
1:58:40 | Dylan’s time in the Marines
2:00:32 | Being present
2:04:00 | Dylan shares his first experience of drugs
2:08:50 | Everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything we all do in the universe
2:14:28 | What scares Dylan
2:17:09 | Phone call to the 20 years old Dylan
2:19:37 | Best advice he ever received
2:22:16 | Success secrets
2:23:42 | You are your greatest and only teacher
2:25:09 | Brian’s summing up.


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