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Dustin Clean Denes - Chop Certified


Dustin “Clean” Denes is the ultimate competitor and a true example of a fighter from the old school.  After training with him in New York City during Christmas in 2013 I learned that he has one speed – “Kill”.

Upon meeting Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro in Florida in 1999, Dustin followed the MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt back to Brazil to train with him at Carlson Gracie’s academy and later at the Brazilian Top Team (BTT).  Coincidentally I had the honour of training at the BTT with Murilo Bustamante in 2005 where I met the famous Noguiera during his rein in the Pride Fighting Championship.

Dustin believes in sacrifice and that winning is not everything, but the only thing.  His MMA career taught him that the art of fighting is about grit and determination and not about the colour of the belt you wear around your gi.

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These days Dustin travels the world inspiring students on the mat and executives in the boardroom.  I hope you enjoy our hour with “Clean” !!

compiled by @zander-bylund.


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