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Douglas Rushkoff - Team Human


Douglas Rushkoff is a writer, documentarian, and lecturer whose work focuses on human autonomy in a digital age. He is the author of fifteen bestselling books on media, technology, and society and in 2013 was named ONE of the world’s TEN, most influential intellectuals by MIT. Today he serves as Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY in Queens where he recently founded the Laboratory for Digital Humanism and currently hosts the TeamHuman podcast.


00:00 | Trailer
02:12 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:12 Brian’s introduction
06:06 The pre-internet psychedelic days of late ’80s, early ’90s London
11:30 Social media causing public’s panic and confusion
13:02 How social media companies use your data to change your behaviour and make you addictive
20:52 What Douglas thought the internet would be and when he realised it would not and why
27:48 Facebook and similar companies’ need to grow and make a profit causing dehumanisation
34:00 Human attention is the only thing that is scarce, but it’s the only thing we have, it’s our time
35:00 Douglas’ argument with how Uber operates
38:31 Capital is king, with no thought given to land and labour issues
47:06 Google is a holding company and no longer innovative
50:44 Humans will be and should be replaced by computers: the motivator for starting Team Human
54:39 Douglas’ prediction for the future
59:10 Perhaps AI is just a ruse
1:00:24 The concept of present shock and how we all experience it
1:03:35 Steps we can all take to combat being in present shock
1:07:42 Moon cycle effect on humans
1:09:39 Know that every app you put onto your phone will demand your time and violate your privacy
1:17:33 Douglas’ view on whether plants will ultimately help us in the war with artificial intelligence1:25:39 The role of psychedelics in our humanism
1:28:07 Artificial intelligence (AI) what it could be, but what we should be worried about
1:36:36 Modern terrorism is a hack of our media system
1:41:38 What Douglas sees in Donald Trump and his optimism for the next four years
1:50:48 The art of storytelling
1:58:09 Douglas looks into how London Real could develop in their mission
2:02:04 Success secrets
2:04:43 Choice of becoming rich doing a job you don’t like or being alive doing something beneficial
2:09:39 Looking at The New York Times’ objectivity
2:12:49 Who Douglas thinks of as successful,2:13:58 Darkest moment of Douglas’ life
2:16:26 Best day of his life
2:17:53 His time in the theatre and a possible return
2:21:41 What keeps Douglas awake at night
2:23:17 What scares him
2:24:06 What we would be surprised to learn about Douglas
2:25:07 A phone call to the 20 year old Douglas
2:27:08 Best advice ever received
2:28:10 Advice to the 20 year old listening who wants to grow up with the insight of Douglas
2:30:02 Brian’s summing up.


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