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Watch > Episode > Dan Peña - The Trillion Dollar Man: How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Dan Peña - The Trillion Dollar Man: How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


The Quantum Leap Advantage

Dan Peña is an American born businessman, entrepreneur, mentor and creator of QLA, the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology responsible for the creation of over $50 Billion of Wealth since 1993. He was recently featured in the London Real Original Documentary film “The 50 Billion Dollar Man” and his appearances on London Real have been watched over 10 million times.

My High Performance Mentor

Love him or hate him, Dan Peña is back.

The trillion dollar man with a castle in Scotland, Dan Peña is a living legend.

I consider him to be my mentor, and London Real would not be where it is today without him.

Just F*cking Do It

He swears like a sailor and doesn’t give a sh*t about being politically correct but Dan has dedicated his life to helping other people 10x their lives.

Super Success

An American born businessman, entrepreneur, mentor and creator of QLA, Dan’s methodology is responsible for the creation of over $50 Billion of Wealth since 1993.

Our previous conversations with him have been watched over 10 million times and I think this episode is the best yet with Dan.

We go deep and I know you’re going to love it.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The QLA methodology, snowflakes and the boxing ring in his castle
  • Elon Musk, Hyperloop, and low IQs
  • Cannabis, health tech, and stem cell research
  • Testosterone, Richard Nixon and gun boat diplomacy
  • Senator Rick Scott, Donald Trump, and Brett Kavanaugh
  • W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill
  • Hollywood, and his upcoming movie deals
  • Private jets, discipline, and Tetiaroa
  • Ayahuasca and Dan’s visions of saving the world


00:00 | Trailer
03:01 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:20 | Brian’s introduction
06:05 | Brian’s transformation over last five years is one of many whose life has been changed by Dan
09:20 | How Dan can justify calling himself the Fifty Billion Dollar Man and why not the Six Trillion Dollar Man
12:25 | The lower IQ Dan’s mentees have the more successful they become
16:17 | Men aren’t men any more, they are snowflakes, so Dan now gets his mentees into the boxing ring
20:56 | How Dan answers critics of this standpoint
25:10 | Case study of someone with lower IQ who became a success
26:40 | Why engineers take a long time to get the concept, but once they get it, the world is their oyster
31:31 | 74 years old Dan is working harder than ever
35:00 | He grew up thinking all fathers were alpha males
40:51 | Dan to lead12, 7-day seminars this year
41:00 | How he maintains the momentum and finishes on a high
42:18 | People come to his seminars to learn how to make money, but will money make them happy
47:19 | The benefit of making the money
51:17 | What happens at a seminar in Dan’s Castle
1:00:30 | The big industries currently good to get into
1:09:15 | The six pack and low body fat ratio guys spend too much time in the gym to be successful
1:14:01 | How Rick Scott made money following Dan’s advice
1:18:46 | Dan’s view of Donald Trump
1:37:47 | Dan’s response to those who say his attitude towards women and his violence is outdated
1:34:04 | Personal development cannot be measured, everything about QLA can be measured
1:37:59 | Dan is off to Hollywood and he’s going to be the second American Prime Minister of Britain
1:47:09 | The dreams that are keeping Dan young
1:51:39 | If he lived his life again, he would not become a mentor
1:54:31 | Why he chose not to aim for further wealth, but to focus on investing his time in other people
1:59:04 | Dan and Brian argue over whether, or not, one’s motive should always be about making money
2:02:29 | What is going to be Dan’s legacy
2:07:24 | What is it in Dan’s message that attracts people
2:12:36 | Does Dan think he is mellowing with age
2:17:42 | Where Dan will celebrate his 80th
2:20:31 | People are limited by their dreams
2:29:27 | Dan’s bedtime routine
2:33:17 | Brian tells how Dan featured in his Ayahuasca ceremonies and honours his trying to save the species
2:43:17 | It would be a dream if one of Dan’s mentees came up with a way to save the world
2:44:25 | Dan’s in the regret minimalization business because he believes we go to our grave with our regrets
2:48:11 | Dan is saving us from extinction, and he’s seen himself doing that
2:48:19 | Dan will not take Ayahuasca, but he wants to try heroin before he dies
2:52:52 | Success secrets
2:54:30 | Brian’s summing up.


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