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Chris Eubank - LIVE At The London Real Summit


Legendary World Champion Boxer

Chris Eubank is a former boxer who competed from the years of 1985 to 1998. He is ranked as the third best British super-middleweight boxer in history. Eubank held the title of world champion for more than five years.

He was undefeated in his first decade of being a professional boxer, and he maintained an undefeated title at middleweight. Eubanks skills in the ring and his “larger than life” personality made him one of the most famous celebrities in the 1990s.

Who is Chris Eubank? Life Before Fame

At the age of 16, Chris Eubank moved to New York. In his free time, he trained at Jerome boxing club, following in the path of his older brothers. After a while, Chris fell in love with boxing and started training every day. In a short time, his boxing career began to take off. Chris Eubank made his first professional appearance shortly after his 19th birthday.

Maintaining an Obsession

During his summit speech, Chris Eubank says he followed the method of “obsession” to achieve his dream. He says it worked for him and it can work for you too.

Eubanks explained that if you’re someone who has the mentality of reaching your goal in small steps, he will always win over you. He believes that his “fever” for achieving his objectives is what made him a winner.

Chris goes on to say that boxing wasn’t a game for him, he was obsessed, and that’s why he was a world champion.

What Muhammad Ali Means to Chris Eubank

Eubanks says that Muhammad Ali inspired him. He wasn’t just a fighter, he had feelings. He fought for what he believed in. He says that Ali had hundreds of threats on his life and he must have felt fear, but he pushed forward despite it.

Chris continues by saying that Muhammad Ali is the “father” of boxing and no one can be better than the father. He says that it wasn’t a clear path back in Muhammad’s day, but he cleared a path for the boxers that came after him.

Chris Eubank’s Biggest Challenge

Chris says his biggest challenge is having the right mindset for the job he’s doing. He says that in boxing, his opponents were out to “kill” him, and he’d be a fool to think otherwise.

Eubanks also desires to keep climbing. He wants to keep his body in shape to fight again, but he feels it will be difficult for him. However, when his critics doubt him, it fuels him.

Chris says he loves when he receives doubt. He states that the credit goes to the person in the ring. Even if he fails, he will try with everything in him to prove his doubters wrong. In this video, he stands up and makes a bold declaration by saying, “ I love you critics. Keep on firing at me”.


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