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Carl Fogarty - World Superbike Legend


Carl Fogarty (Foggy) is the undisputed king of World Superbike racing. A freak crash in 2000 forced his retirement, after which Foggy has pursued a number of media and business interests, including a best-selling autobiography, team ownership, a popular chat-show tour and charity work.


00:00 | Trailer
03:54 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:57 Brian’s introduction
06:36 Foggy loves the buzz of London but is rooted in Blackburn
09:57 No one likes losing, I just liked it a bit less than other people
16:48 Career highlight winning 1995 Superbike World Championship at Brands Hatch
19:10 Behaving like a dick
21:16 The career ending crash in 2000
24:29 Strangely, it was a relief
27:20 Contradictory reasons for his massive following
28:18 Why he turned off the TV and cancelled the newspapers
31:49 Now a motor biker more than a motorcyclist
33:10 Why he takes the piss out of footballers, cricketers and the Olympics
42:13 Snakes, camel penis and other very real challenges of the jungle in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
56:04 What now replaces his need for challenge, or to win
56:56 Advice to young men going into the sport now that it has changed technologically since he raced
58:36 Carl’s views on Trump and decline in the big personalities within politics and sport
1:01:19 Is it the aspect of danger, putting your life on the line in a race that attracts people to your fan base
1:02:20 Learning ways to alleviate his frustratingly incomprehensible suffering with anxiety and depression
1:05:33 Carl disputes reported advice to I’m A Celebrity host Ant McPartlin to “man up” as taken out of context
1:07:11 Telephone call to the 20-year old Carl Fogarty
1:09:07 Best advice he ever received
1:09:51 Success secrets
1:10:27 Brian’s summing up.


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