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Watch > Episode > Tim Shieff – Brian Rose And Tim Shieff Live Q&A: Ironmind* The Movie Premiere

Tim Shieff – Brian Rose And Tim Shieff Live Q&A: Ironmind* The Movie Premiere


Tim Shieff, a prominent figure in the world of freerunning, athletics, and veganism, has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his exceptional skills, philosophy, and commitment to ethical living.

Watch this exclusive Q&A from the premiere of Ironmind* The Movie, featuring Brian Rose and Tim Shieff as they discuss endurance training, vegan advocacy, and how a commitment to health, wellness, and a lifestyle rooted in ethical and sustainable choices can help support the pursuit of physical and ethical excellence. For fans of Ironmind* The Movie, this is not to be missed!

Born on March 24, 1988, in Hartford, England, Tim Shieff discovered his love for movement and physical expression at an early age. His journey into freerunning, an athletic discipline that combines elements of parkour, gymnastics, and acrobatics, began as a form of creative self-expression. Shieff’s natural agility and fearlessness quickly propelled him into the freerunning spotlight.

Tim Shieff’s exceptional freerunning skills led him to compete in various international competitions, where he consistently showcased his prowess and innovation in the discipline. Notably, he secured victory in the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship, solidifying his status as a world-class freerunner. Shieff’s performances, characterised by fluidity and precision, garnered him global recognition within the freerunning community.

Beyond the physicality of freerunning, Tim Shieff embodies a philosophy of movement that extends to all aspects of his life. Shieff views movement as a fundamental expression of human potential and emphasises the importance of cultivating a harmonious relationship between the body and the environment. His holistic approach to athleticism resonates not only in his freerunning endeavours but also in his advocacy for a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

In 2012, Tim Shieff made a significant life choice by adopting a vegan lifestyle. His decision was rooted in ethical considerations, environmental consciousness, and a pursuit of optimal health. Shieff’s journey as a vegan athlete challenges conventional perceptions about the relationship between physical prowess and dietary choices. Through social media, interviews, and public appearances, he has become a vocal advocate for the benefits of plant-based living.

Tim Shieff’s commitment to veganism extends beyond personal choices; it is a cornerstone of his advocacy for ethical living and environmental sustainability. Shieff leverages his platform to educate and inspire others, emphasising the positive impact of adopting a plant-based diet on both personal health and the planet. His message goes beyond dietary preferences, encouraging a shift toward mindful and sustainable lifestyles.

Like any athlete or advocate challenging the status quo, Tim Shieff has faced his share of criticism and scepticism. The intersection of freerunning and veganism has prompted discussions about nutrition, endurance, and societal norms. Shieff’s resilience in the face of challenges reflects his unwavering commitment to authenticity, ethics, and a holistic approach to life.

Tim Shieff’s influence extends far beyond the freerunning and vegan communities. With a substantial social media presence, including YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, Shieff engages with a diverse audience. His videos, vlogs, and discussions cover a range of topics, from freerunning tutorials to vegan recipes, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his life and passions. Shieff’s global impact highlights the potential for individuals to effect positive change through their chosen paths and lifestyles.

Tim Shieff’s journey from a young freerunner to a global advocate for ethical living and veganism exemplifies the transformative power of passion and purpose. Through his freerunning prowess and commitment to plant-based living, Shieff challenges preconceived notions about athleticism and lifestyle choices.

As he continues to inspire others to embrace movement, mindful living, and ethical choices, Tim Shieff stands as a beacon of authenticity, resilience, and positive impact in the interconnected realms of freerunning, athletics, and sustainable living.

* Ironmind‚ The Movie” is not affiliated with Ironmind Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the trademark IRONMIND.


00:00 | Trailer
03:22 Brian’s thoughts on the premiere
05:23 Brian welcomes the audience
06:45 Introduction to Daniel Cleland of Soltara
07:43 Welcoming the representatives from Addaction UK
08:29 Introduction to Nic Anikis and the unveiling of his portrait of Brian
17:12 7th Anniversary of London Real
18:41 Brian recalls his first meeting with John Joseph and what the film is ultimately about
23:05 What an Ironman triathlon teaches you about yourself
23:55 The London Real team
24:50 Introduction to Timothy Shieff
25:50 Message from John Joseph
30:14 Brian’s athletic background: going into training for the Ironman race
32:21 What endurance racing offers the participant
34:26 Brian’s least favorite of the triathlon disciplines
35:26 What it was like to totally switch to a plant-based diet
38:18 A question of addiction
41:46 The one question Brian felt he owed John Joseph to ask
43:46 Gabor Mate’s belief that all addiction comes from childhood trauma
45:27 Questions and observations from the audience… Praise for Gabor Mate and Brian
47:27 ‚ĶThe moment Brian realized the reason why he wouldn’t let people in into his life, the next question to ask is: How did he try to resolve it
49:11 …At what point did Brian decide to go ahead with the triathlon
Did he, at any point, want to give up
52:13 …What does Brian think of the demons that drive people like him
Are they considered a curse or blessing
55:51 ‚ĶDan Peña gave advice that it is s not what happens to us in life that matters but how we interpret it
1:01:04 …Will Brian, at some point, bring his followers to the realization that they can succeed
1:04:46 Is there any comparison between the healing Brian got from plant medicine or doing Ironman race
1:06:30 …What are the key realizations that Brian had from the race and the Ayahuasca ceremonies
1:10:54 Brian’s thoughts on John Joseph’s seeming inability to forgive those who hurt him as a child
1:11:52 Brian’s summing up.


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