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Watch > Episode > Michael Franzese - Breaking The Two Party System - "Brian, You're The Guy For The City"

Michael Franzese - Breaking The Two Party System - "Brian, You're The Guy For The City"


Mafia Democracy! What Happens When The Government Turns Thug

I recently went Live on Instagram with my good friend Michael Franzese.

Michael is a former American mobster and caporegime of the feared Columbo crime family, turned motivational speaker, and author.

Having grown up as the son of notorious Underboss John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, Michael was well acquainted with the ‘life’ from an early age but was encouraged to pursue a legitimate lifestyle. However, when Sonny was indicted in federal court and sentenced to 50 years behind bars, Michael was catapulted into the underworld and all the baggage it brings.

He quickly found his feet and with a strong head for business and a relentless work ethic, Michael avoided the traditional mob domains, instead masterminding some brilliant scams on the edge of the legitimate business world. From auto dealerships and gambling rackets to a multi-billion dollar tax scam, that at its peak earned Michael close to $8 million a week, his ingenuity brought him all the lavish trappings of the famous and fortunate.

In recent years, Michael’s life has truly come full circle, and with an understanding of the perils and pitfalls of life on the wrong side of the law, Michael now dedicates his time to warning and helping others.

It’s always a great speaking to Michael, not least because he’s the only high-ranking official of a major crime family to ever walk away from the mafia without protective custody, and live to tell the tale.

During our conversation I also showcased my Mayoral Manifesto which is now available to download and share!

Clips Now Available To Download & Share

A number of clips from this exclusive interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word: grab these clips today!

Trailer – Mafia Democracy! What Happens When The Government Turns Thug
Clip 1 – Mafia Democracy
Clip 2 – Using Digital Media
Clip 3 – Politicians Can’t Solve This
Clip 4 – Check The Manifesto
Clip 5 – It’s In The Book
Clip 6 – Uniting The City
Clip 7 – importance of policing


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