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Ben McLeish - The Zeitgeist Movement


Ben McLeish of the Zeitgeist Movement UK drops by London Real to talk about the One Planet Project, how we have built a system that relies on scarcity, why corruption is endemic to that system, the 3 behaviours you change right now to promote the Zeitgeist Movement, and why you’re working in a job you hate to buy shit you don’t need.

“What we are is a non-political sustainability movement.” – Ben (00:59)

“What do we do about this system that seems to have in-built corruption?” – Ben (02:37)

“They are a systemic product of a system that relies on scarcity” – Ben (07:32)

“What are the 5 things I change about my life in order to now be part of this Zeitgeist Movement? Is it where I bank? Is it who I vote for?” – Brian (13:06)

“I think buying locally as much as you can is extremely important.” – Ben (16:49)

“What we actually need is for the entire system to collapse for us to be able to start again.” – Nic (17:56)

“98% of all the species on this planet are extinct. In fact it’s higher than that. 99.9%” Nic & Ben (20:16)

“Nic, when you buy your iPhone do you not take responsibility that they’re employing people in China to a certain extent? – Brian (22:34)

“Let me present you with something that might change your view about how capitalism produces things like the iPad.” – Ben (28:05)

“If we were the Soviet Union I don’t think an iPad would have been created, because there would have been no profit.” – Brian (30:25)

“If you had been born in a different circumstance, you would not look the way you do now, you would not sound the way you do now, and you would not hold the things dear you do now” – Ben (38:23)

“And not putting a human being, which is a incredibly complex brilliant pattern recognising algorithm, into a fucking factory job where they spent 20 odd years only there because they have to earn money to buy shit that you tell them they need.” Ben (42:23)


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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