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Watch > Episode > Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - The World's Most Popular Crypto Influencer Talks Geo-Politics, Adoption And Why Decentralised Finance Is The Future

Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - The World's Most Popular Crypto Influencer Talks Geo-Politics, Adoption And Why Decentralised Finance Is The Future


Wealth Coach, Investor & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Today’s guest is no stranger to London Real, and no stranger either to the world of crypto education, which is why I’m delighted he’s returning to the show to discuss all the latest toing and froing in the volatile worlds of Decentralised Finance and cryptocurrency.

Back by popular demand, Ben Armstrong is a personal finance influencer, investor and Crypto enthusiast who is probably best known as Bitboy Crypto from his increasingly popular Youtube channel that, alongside his various platforms have made him one of the most sought after figures in the cryptoverse.

Earlier in the summer, Ben joined me on the show for an in-depth conversation about everything from his early dalliances in Bitcoin and the money he lost in the now infamous Mt. Gox hacking scandal to how he became a leading voice in a burgeoning crypto education space that has grown exponentially, no doubt pioneered by his trailblazing approach.

With over 5 million dedicated followers, Ben uses his platform to educate experienced traders and newbies alike with his unique blend of information and entertainment as he delves deep on the day’s hot topics. From wild price swings and the latest altcoin recommendations, from blockchain upgrades and the geopolitical ramifications of Bitcoin, Ben brings it all to the fore with a charm and charisma that often belies his deep understanding of the space.

Here at London Real, this type of knowledge sharing is at the very heart of what we do. It is why I’m more excited than ever about the future, and why I want to help as many of you as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on what I like to call The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

I see an incredible new reality that will transform the lives of every single person on Earth. I see a future where people live better, healthier, more fulfilled lives because of the technology that we are about to build. Imagine if every single one of the 8 Billion people on earth were given their financial freedom…how much could we achieve?

It’s why I have created the DeFi Academy, where hundreds of students are learning how to profit from this disruptive technology and ever-increasing infrastructure. It’s why my team and I are going “ALL IN” and plan on dedicating the next 10 years to teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and TRANSFORMING this exciting new marketplace.

Finally, it’s also why I invest so much time bringing the most significant players and important voices in the field to share their ideas and knowledge with all of you. Over the last few months, we have spoken to Bitcoin maximalists like Michael Saylor, the earliest adopters like Roger Ver, financial wizards like Raoul Pal and pioneering developers like Stani Kulechov.

Ben Armstrong knows only too well the value of sharing ideas and information. He understands the importance of education and how this will ensure new traders and investors don’t make the all too common mistakes he himself made nearly a decade ago. As Ben will testify, this technology has the power to revolutionise our financial systems and structures. After all, as he puts it,

“DeFi is the number one way that people are going to change their lives.”

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  1. This market will top out soon
  2. HODLing is a lazy strategy
  3. I’ve done it the wrong way so much
  4. Are stablecoins the poker chips of crypto?
  5. There is power in digital collectables
  6. Cardano is the strongest competitor to ETH
  7. This is why Solana gained market cap
  8. What coins do you buy?
  9. Looking at geopolitics
  10. Figure things out on your own


00:00 Trailer.
02:29 Brian’s introduction.
03:52 How to survive a Bull Market. “When in doubt, zoom out.”
09:54 There is no excuse for being a HODLer. How to get out of the HODLer mindset.
15:00 The smart way to invest in Crypto and the discipline required.
20:46 Ben Armstrong comments on Gary Gensler’s likening of Crypto Industry to the Wild West where the chips are Stablecoins.
27:57 Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens confuse people: renamed, they have future use over wide markets.
34:18 Ben Armstrong’s views on the competition between Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum and Solano and Avalanche, FTT, Graph and Amp.
49:14 The Geo-political moves Ben Armstrong thinks should be paid attention to and those that can be ignored.
53:09 Why BitBoy Crypto thinks the NFL is currently not allowing NFTs.
54:26 Ben Armstrong’s advice about investing in crypto.
56:50 How to contact Ben Armstrong.
57:14 Brian’s summing up.


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