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Bboy Storm - Stay Hungry


Niels “Storm” Robitzky is a German choreographer and hip-hop dancer, recognised for hip-hop techniques B-Boying, Locking, and Popping in Europe. He won several dance competitions and became World Champion in Breakdance in 1992.
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00:00 | Trailer
02:11 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:32 Brian’s introduction
05:15 Why Brian got into break dancing
07:09 What led BBoy Storm into B-boying
15:35 How B-boying spread across the world from the Bronx
18:34 An immediate desire to excel at B-boying
20:27 Continuing with his dream during drop in popularity of B-boying from 198431:16 What B-boying means to BBoy Storm
35:02 Why B-boying and hip-hop etc
, came from the Bronx
38:10 The part music played in the development of B-boying and the graffiti
48:18 Going to the Bronx where he learned the need to stay hungry
55:40 What happened to him during the period 1992 to 1999
58:24 What makes a great B-boy
1:07:07 Why is it called a battle, is it dangerous
1:12:44 BBoy Storm’s training schedule
1:21:42 The 2016 battle with Crazy Legs
1:28:08 No retirement plans; diversification, but don’t call it street dancing
1:36:56 Working in other dance genres and venues
1:42:22 Break dancing will be in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games
1:45:11 Current state of B-boying now and in the future
1:51:54 How BBoy Storm feels about fatherhood
1:57:04 Success secrets
1:57:54 What he and Crazy Legs teach their students in their university classes
1:59:07 What keeps BBoy Storm awake at night
2:03:21 Phone call to the twenty year old BBoy Storm
2:04:19 Best advice he ever received
2:08:57 Advice to the young people watching who want to be like BBoy Storm
2:15:58 Brian’s summing up.


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