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Andreas Antonopoulos – The Death of Money

Andreas Antonopoulos is a Greek California-based information security expert, tech-entrepreneur and author. He is a host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and a teaching fellow for the master in science Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia.

00:00 Trailer.
02:28 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:37 Brian’s Introduction.
07:14 Unprecedented worldwide crisis in Central Banking system.
16:47 Andreas explains Bitcoin and why people find it advantageous to use.
22:07 Why companies and banks choose whether or not to use Bitcoin.
24:34 How Bitcoin can be a currency of choice for an internet generation.
29:08 Is my Mom ever going to use Bitcoin?
31:30 A fragile edifice, full of corruption, threatening global economy.
35:16 Is Donald Trump going to “drain the swamp”?
41:29 Bitcoin is not slow jazz: its punk rock. Deal with it.
46:57 Bitcoin scaling up block size.
48:49 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and does it even matter?
50:23 Other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
52:39 What happened to Etherium.
54:50 Black markets and why the media associates Bitcoin with them.
1:00:46 Concern around people’s privacy, security and surveillance.
1:06:45 Terrorists and criminals not impeded from transferring large amounts of cash.
1:09:34 Most people do not assume they need privacy.
1:11:31 How to make people aware of the need to keep state and money separate.
1:14:38 Cryptocurrency technology as money is about human rights.
1:16:54 What Andreas has learned from frequent travel around the world.
1:20:37 Discovering Bitcoin blew Andreas’ mind.
1:22:19 Mission to explain Bitcoin to the world.
1:26:26 Personal safety necessitates maintaining his privacy and security.
1:28:54 What people should do who want to explore more about Bitcoin.
1:35:40 Andreas’ biggest challenge for the coming year.
1:37:05 How Andreas made the decision to not have a home base.
1;40;29 Success secrets.
1:40:49 People across the world struggling with situations they cannot control.
1:43:59 Phone call to the 20 year old Andreas.
1:46:49 Best advice ever received.
1:49:10 Advice to 20 year old watching.
1:51:55 Brian’s summing up.

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Thank you. 🙂 Really good


how i can i download this so i can listen to it i my truck? I’ve only ever listened to half of all of these haha.



Open up your browser and look for an extension called Video Download Helper. You should be able to download/save the video and maybe play it on some device or other.


Awesome, thanks LR. One request: to not spin around Brian in the introduction – makes the viewer dizzy. Otherwise, bless.


[…] the Full Episode of Andreas Antonopoulos' return to London Real for FREE only at […]


Best episode ive watched in a long while


absolutely loved the first one, so happy you brought him back cheers guys! from jersey city!

First of all, thanks very much for this great interview. So, I have a few questions though…. I only watched up to 1h15, so maybe these questions were answered later. If that is the case, please forgive me and refer me back to the rest of the interview. 1) I just created a wallet following this. First app that came up for iOS was Blockchain. Do you recommend a better app ? 2) I had to give my e-mail address to create my wallet. I could have created a new address somewhere with a fake name, but used my regular… Read more »
well, your suspicions are correct. From now government can attach your bitcoin address to your CC. Every transaction made using this particular bitcoin address, and any new ones that will interact/link with it can be attached to you. Cheap tricks like creating new address and transferring bitcoins to it are futile. Just as I said below in other comment – this system gives governments much easier, cheaper and better ways to track people’s economic behavior that anything they had in the past. There are already companies specializing in blockchain analysis. Also, most computers (like 90%) that control bitcoin network (so… Read more »

Absolutely the most eloquent speaker on the subject.

Bitcoin is perfect tool for global totalitarian government – it is worldwide, very centralized (more centralized than central banks themselves) and allows for total financial surveillance. Also, I am getting mad and another naive bitcoin preacher, that does not see, that fascism is being introduced not by right wingers, but by those ‘liberals’ (aka leftist, aka communists aka cultural marxists) – it is Obama who lately signed act of news censorship, same happens in ‘liberal progressive’ Germany – news censorship and total control of centralized media outles. And Bitcoin is song of the past already. Time for Monero and Dash,… Read more »

There would be not other alts. without bitcoin. They were built on bitcoin. No, it’s not centralized. And, try tracking transactions through the blockchain. Good luck.


Most altcoins are copies of Bitcoin, but some of them (like Ethereum or Monero) have completly new approach and codebase.
Bitcoin went too far to be fixed with simple additions when it comes to anonimity and centralization (those are design decisions on algorithm level, not possible to change).


death of currency


Brian you Rock!
What a great interview. I really enjoyed how clear and precise Andreas was in how he communicates the message.
Many insights, great information.

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