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Alex Reid - Beyond the Spotlight


Alex Reid, a name that resonates in the realms of acting, fighting, and entertainment, is a multifaceted personality who has left an indelible mark on various facets of public life. In this London Real episode, we delve into the intriguing journey of Alex Reid, exploring the diverse chapters of his life, from his early days in the spotlight to the lesser-known aspects that define the man behind the fame.

Born on July 21, 1975, in Aldershot, Hampshire, England, Alex Reid exhibited a passion for physical pursuits from a young age. His journey into the world of combat sports began with a background in kickboxing and later transitioned into mixed martial arts (MMA). Reid’s dedication to his athletic pursuits laid the foundation for a career that would see him become a prominent figure in the fighting community.

Alex Reid’s foray into mixed martial arts became a defining chapter in his life. Competing in various promotions, including Cage Rage and BAMMA, Reid showcased his prowess as a skilled fighter. His tenacity and skill inside the cage earned him recognition and respect within the MMA community, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond the fighting arena, Alex Reid expanded his horizons into the realm of acting. He gained widespread attention for his role as Jason Cunliffe in the popular British soap opera “Hollyoaks.” His charismatic presence on screen paved the way for further opportunities in film and television, demonstrating his versatility as a performer.

Alex Reid’s presence in the media extended beyond scripted performances. He became a notable figure in reality television, making headlines for his appearances in shows like “Celebrity Big Brother.” His willingness to share personal aspects of his life in the public eye added layers to his public persona, inviting both admiration and scrutiny.

One facet of Alex Reid’s life that often drew public attention was his high-profile relationships. His marriage to model and television personality Katie Price brought the couple into the media spotlight. The ups and downs of their relationship played out in the public eye, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by individuals navigating fame and personal life.

In addition to his pursuits in sports and entertainment, Alex Reid has explored entrepreneurship. He has ventured into businesses ranging from fitness to fashion, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit beyond the arenas of combat and entertainment.

Like any public figure, Alex Reid faced his share of challenges and controversies. However, his resilience and ability to navigate through adversities reflect the strength of character that defines him. Whether in the face of media scrutiny or personal trials, Reid has demonstrated a capacity to rise above challenges and continue forging his path.

Alex Reid’s journey is a tapestry woven with threads of athleticism, entertainment, personal relationships, and entrepreneurship. From the intensity of the fighting cage to the nuanced performances on screen, Reid has showcased a remarkable range of talents and experiences. Beyond the headlines and the public persona, this London Real episode provides a closer look at the man behind the fame, an individual whose journey is marked by diversity, resilience, and a continual quest for self-expression in various arenas of life.


00:00 | Trailer
00 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
08:54 Brian’s Introduction
09:34 Big balls or stupidity
11:57 Attacking life and taking the opportunities
13:30 How Alex got into fighting
15:25 Back in 2005 could you make a living fighting in the MMA
17:11 Tough training at London Shootfighters
19:57 Lee Murray
24:59 Evolution of the UFC
26:29 You shouldn’t take emotion into the ring
29:10 A showman
30:10 The ultimate fighter
35:37 Alex and Katie Price
42:38 Alex and Chantelle Houghton45:19 Biggest moment of Alex’s life
46:09 Entertainment as a sport
48:51 Who is Roxanne and what are the consequences
1:00:49 MMA, transgender and homosexuality
1:02:37 Future for Alex Reid
1:06:27 Is Alex the fighter who doesn’t know when to stop
1:07:24 Getting back to fight fitness and feeling good
1:08:51 How does Alex pick up women
1:11:51 Entering the Celebrity Big Brother House
1:17:09 The acting profession
1:21:13 Success secrets
1:23:27 Hypnotherapy
1:25:49 Alta Ego The Reidernator
1:27:26 Alex’s fighting mantra
1:28:02 Who Alex considers the most successful person
1:29:52 What keeps Alex awake at night
1:31:05 Alex’s biggest challenge right now
1:33:41 Boxing – does Alex still watch it
1:34:18 Phone call to the 20 year old Alex Reid
1:36:34 Best advice ever received
1:38:45 Advice to the youngster wanting to be an MMA fighter or celebrity
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