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Alex Fazel - The Crypto Bull Market Is Back: How To Find The Next 100X Investment


Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

“I do think that the bull run will happen in the next 12 months.”

Happy New Year!

2024 is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited about what the next twelve months have in store.

To get things off to the best possible start, I’ve only gone and rebuilt the entire London Real studio in Dubai, where I’ll be spending the next few weeks talking to some of the most important and influential figures in the UAE.

Getting the ball rolling is one of the leading voices in the crypto and DeFi community and Chief Partnerships Officer at Swissborg, Alex Fazel.

Alex is a TEDx speaker, broadcaster, and blockchain educator, who is on a mission along with a highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable team to democratise crypto wealth management by making it fun, fair and community-centric.

Many of you will remember Alex from our 10 year anniversary show, where he interviewed me about a decade of broadcasting here at London Real, how it all started, and some of my fondest memories from the 1000+ guests I’ve interviewed over the years.

Alex is an incredibly smart guy and knows the cryptocurrency industry inside out. He’s passionate about DeFi and the blockchain space and his positive energy always makes for an enlightening and insightful conversation.

SwissBorg’s goal is to open up decentralised investment opportunities to the masses, and with more than 750,000 active users who are trading over $800 million in crypto, it’s no wonder Swissborg has become the leading Web3 investment and marketing platform in Europe.

SwissBorg is advancing the Web3 ecosystem, with the platform providing easy access to cryptocurrency investments and DeFi opportunities. Their main objective? Transparency and the kind of security that gives investors confidence even in such a highly volatile market.

Realising the challenges facing those who were new to the crypto world, Swissborg have implemented a fully automated system that allows users to compare the best cryptocurrency exchanges and know the exact purchase price and commission. This Smart Engine is a technology that offers a single-user interface and allows users to convert fiat currency to any cryptocurrency with a single tap at the best price and with the best liquidity.

“By leveraging innovation, employing rigorous security standards, and aligning with the core principles of decentralised finance, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the DeFi movement.”

Last March, Swissborg concluded a groundbreaking Series A community funding round that attracted over sixteen thousand investors and a total of $23 million. When you consider they previously raised $50 million during their initial coin offering in 2018, it’s no wonder they continue to evolve and strengthen their position as market leaders.

By offering users the opportunity to become shareholders and replace the traditional VC model, Swissborg are building the kind of community driven platform that should act as a North Star for all blockchain ventures.

For his part, Alex is the kind of enthusiastic bundle of energy that is crucial in driving the industry forward. He’s an incredibly smart and compassionate guy who epitomises the ethos and sense of adventure I’ve become so accustomed to with the most successful figures in the industry.

Alex is also the host of Cryptonites, the popular YouTube channel dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency education, while his thoughts and vision for the future have been featured on CNBC, Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and at Token2049 and Paris Blockchain Week among many more.

Alex is incredibly bullish and excited as we enter 2024 and believes big things are on the horizon. This space is still in its absolute infancy and yet so much wealth has already been generated and the levels of innovation are off the charts.

This is a huge episode, whether you’re knowledgeable about the Web3 industry or only just starting out on your journey. The world is changing rapidly and now is the time to take advantage and get ahead of the game. As always London Real will provide the answers to the questions you’ve all been asking.

If you’re keen to unlock your potential earning power and join the ever expanding group of students in my Academy, then you too could be a part of The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

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  5. How decentralized finance (DeFi) disrupts traditional finance (TradFi) systems
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  8. Can we time crypto market cycles effectively?
  9. Why this bull market is perfect for crypto wealth creation
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  11. This is what sets intelligent investors apart
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