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Watch > Episode > Brian Rose - London Real: 10 Years In The Game

Brian Rose - London Real: 10 Years In The Game


Founder & Host Brian Rose reflects on London Real’s first decade of broadcasting

Today’s guest is one of the most familiar voices to ever feature on the London Real platform… That’s right, it’s London Real’s 10 Year Anniversary!

It’s almost hard to believe it’s been a decade since I decided to take my first forays into broadcasting, and over 1,000 episodes later, I’ll be taking the opportunity to sit in the guest’s chair here at London Real HQ studios, where I will be discussing my personal highlights, the best (and worst) moments, our journey so far at London Real and what the future holds.

Join me as I reflect on my experiences over the past ten years as I’ve gone from podcasting at my kitchen table to becoming one of the most popular broadcasters on the planet.

Discover more about some of my favourite and most inspirational guests, behind-the-scenes insights and our most memorable campaigns, including my recent venture into politics as we celebrate ten years of broadcasting at London Real.

And what’s more, we want you to be part of our celebrations!

To participate, simply visit and submit your question for Brian; we’ll be selecting the best to be asked as part of the interview!

So what’s stopping you? Ask Brian the question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to, and get the chance to be part of London Real’s incredible history.

And remember to tune in on Wednesday to learn more about the man behind the brand, what makes me tick and why London Real’s mission “to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species” is more important than ever before.

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  1. Ten years in the game
  2. It’s my honour to do London Real
  3. MIT and early career
  4. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  5. How I found my purpose
  6. Asking a homeless man to come on the show
  7. Getting invited on the Joe Rogan Experience
  8. Are you doing this for the right reasons?
  9. Dorian Yates on London Real
  10. Dan Pena on London Real
  11. Visiting Dan Pena’s castle in Scotland
  12. You’re a c-nt
  13. Getting featured on Keiser Report
  14. My 2015 TED Talk
  15. London Real is a 24-7 job
  16. The 2016 Summit
  17. Mantak Chia on London Real
  18. Steve Maxwell on London Real
  19. Priyanka Chopra on London Real
  20. Ido Portal on London Real
  21. Moving into the new studio
  22. Drinking my own urine
  23. Ironmind Movie
  24. Dan Blizerian on London Real
  25. Jocko Willink on London Real
  26. Eddie Hall on London Real
  27. Robert Kiyosaki on London Real
  28. Breakdancing taught me so much
  29. Life after the ReConnect Movie
  30. David Icke on London Real
  31. The second largest livestream in history
  32. The Digital Freedom PlatformVisit the DFP
  33. Fighting for freedom of speech
  34. The story behind my suits
  35. Running for Mayor of London
  36. Fighting for free and fair elections
  37. Creating the DeFi Academy
  38. Fighting for financial freedom
  39. Getting into crypto and DeFi
  40. Generating money with DeFi
  41. You are a leader whether you know it or not


00:00 | Trailer.
05.33 | Introduction by Alexander Fazel of SwissBorg
07:20 | It’s been an amazing, remarkable journey, the most incredible 10 years of Brian Rose’s life.
09:23 | About Alex Fazel.
10:19 | Ten years in the game – what that means to Brian Rose.
12:19 | I don’t have to do London Real, I get to do London Real.
14:37 | Why Brian has chosen to live in London.
16:18 | Brian’s early life.
22:29 | What made Brian get out of the shark tank.
25:17 | What makes London so special to Brian.
26:49 | How the idea of London Real came about.
32:52 | The journey begins.
36:49 | London Real is invited to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience, episode 271.
41:48 | Brian was inspired by the power of conversation.
46:26 | Dorian Yates’ first interview on London Real
49:37 | Dan Pena The $50 Billion Man comes into Brian’s life.
1:07:31 | Max Keiser who was talking about Bitcoin in 2013 invites Brian onto his show, The Keiser Report.
21:11:24 | How Brian’s Ted Talk ups the game up.
1:13:29 | Building the team, and why he and the team didn’t burn out.
1:19:02 | The first big live event, The Summit, where they did active meditation the Elllott Hulse way.
1:21:47 | Mantak Chia’s unique interview on London Real, it’s single most watched episode.
1:25:22 | Brian with Steve Maxwell demonstrates he’s not afraid to put himself in uncomfortable places to challenge himself,
1:28:22 | Brian’s admiration for Priyanka Chopra whose interview was extremely popular.
1:31:33 | Documentary film with Ido Portal.
1:35:45 | Moving on up.
1:40:27 | One of the funniest videos with a unique challenge for Brian from Timothy Shieff where Brian Rose drinks his own urine.
1:44:04 | John Joseph’s challenge to Brian to participate in an IRONMAN becomes so much more.
1:54:46 | Dan Bilzerian advises how not to chase women.
1:57:49 | An intense episode with Jocko Willink.
2:01:29 | Eddie Hall, British strongman shows what drives him.
2:06:42 | Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, one of the most shared videos.
2:14:00 | Brian takes on breakdancing, interviewing Crazy Legs and Storm.
2:18:42 | ReConnect documentary with Dennis McKenna when the plant medicine called Brian back.
2:30:56 | David Icke interview draws the largest YouTube audience second only to President Donald Trump, causing London Real to be taken down and a freedom of speech campaign ensues.
2:58:23 | Why the three-piece suits Brian?
3:02:54 | London Mayoral election candidate Brian Rose. What this taught Brian.
3:20:16 | Why the DeFi markets attracted Brian’s attention and the DeFi Academy heralds the next evolution of London Real.
3:22:31 | Why this embodies Brian’s search for purpose. “It is the transformation of humanity into a fully empowered conscious and cooperative species.”
3:27:45 | Alex Fazel illustrates the effect of global currency wars on his 76 years old father. Brian sees the currency war as an even bigger problem than the information war.
3:33:32 | How DeFi enables people to have an active relationship with their own money.
3:45:32 | Alex Fazel’s thanks to Brian Rose for helping towards DeFi mass adoption by all ages each helping one other to learn.
3:49:05 | Brian’s thanks to the London Real community and his past guests, the next 10 years are going to be even further off the chain, so stay tuned.


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