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Zoltan Istvan - Transhumanist


Zoltan Istvan is an American writer, futurist, philosopher and transhumanist. He writes transhumanist-themed columns: “The Transhumanist Philosopher” a blog for Psychology Today and “Transhumanist Future” for Vice’s Motherboard. He has also worked as a reporter for the National Geographic Channel and is a blogger of futurist, transhumanist, and atheist topics for The Huffington Post. He is the author of The Transhumanist Wager, a philosophical science fiction novel. In late 2014, he announced his intent to run for President of the United States in the 2016 elections to raise transhumanist politics issues.
.1:36:24 How to support transhumanism.


00:00 | Trailer
02:11 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:22 Brian’s Introduction
06:54 Becoming tired of almost dying
10:27 Media work in war zones brings conflicting concerns
13:32 Transhumanism aim to overcome human death
15:47 Religious views holding back scientific progress in health
20:03 Why Zoltan is standing for Presidential election
22:15 National Rifle Association (NRA) and artificial intelligence issues analogous
23:37 A surprising amount of media attention Zoltan’s concepts are attracting
27:54 Do we want phones controlling hearts amid concerns for a need to reduce technological dependency
29:36 Value of Transhumanism movement to society
33:01 How to run for Presidential election and Zoltan’s aims for his campaign
37:09 Priorities for a transhumanist President Istvan
40:13 What is wrong with the present United States healthcare policy
44:13 His image as a Presidential candidate and transhumanist
45:41 Breadth of transhumanism is detrimental to its growth
50:20 Differences between America’s and Europe’s perspective of Zoltan
54:41 Interesting concept of uploading yourself or two of you, but what about the body
58:14 Isn’t the beauty of life in the randomness of it
1:00:01 What might the human existence of being in a hard drive be like
1:03:02 How does Zoltan respond to his detractors
1:05:30 Living for ever
We should treat aging as a disease
1:08:41 The three laws of transhumanism
1:10:20 7 years boat trip with 500 books delivers amazing experiences
1:14:01 What to avoid doing in Papua New Guinea
1:15:14 The opportunities of being a journalist that Zoltan misses
1:16:50 Does transhumanism relate to Bitcoin
1:17:54 How would transhumanism deal with the possibility of people abusing technology
1:19:58 What would need to happen for Zoltan to realistically win the Presidential election in 2020
1:21:36 The future of Transhumanism with the younger generation
1:23:15 If older generation are never to die, will younger generation’s ideas be suppressed
1:24:12 Big organisations wanting to hear more about transhumanism
1:25:25 Success secrets
1:26:15 Phone call to 20 year old Zoltan
1:28:08 What advice would the 150 year old Zoltan say to him now
1:30:28 Best advice he ever received
1:31:44 To the 20 year old listening what should they do to be like him
1:34:43 Why he always encourages people to start writing a blog and to read
1:35:20 Brian’s summing up.


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