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Yves Rossy - Fly High


Yves Rossy is a Swiss military-trained pilot and an aviation enthusiast. He is known as the inventor of a series of experimental individual jet packs, the latest using carbon-fiber wings for flight.


00:00 | Trailer
02:37 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:06 Brian’s Introduction
05:59 What concerned Yves for his first flight over the English Channel in 2008
10:07 What Yves learned about himself from the delayed flight across the English Channel
10:52 Why a clear head and relaxed body are essential
13:15 Difference in the way Yves and his partner Vincent Reffet use their bodies in flight
14:54 Yves’ early emotional response to witnessing the power of a jet plane
17:55 The WOW feeling from flying jet aircraft aged twenty, sometimes difficult to come down from
22:47 Yves admiration for the military test pilots and first astronauts depicted in The Right Stuff film
26:10 Did those pilots feel the attraction to the challenge as Yves has to his
27:58 747 emergency, Yves a trained fighter pilot, feels the pressure of responsibility for passengers
31:30 How Yves loves moments of freedom playing with nature
34:00 Yves has so much respect for nature
36:27 Learning to adapt to the air becoming fluid which reacts with speed
40:30 An understanding wife
42:17 The developmental history of flying man
45:24 Yves trialling of wingsuit flying and developing his own ideas
47:24 Why are the military and aerospace companies not involved in this development work
48:42 Development work is costing him, but in his eyes he is the richest guy in the world
50:37 “I was never in competition, always in creation
“54:41 What has happened since Yves flew across the English Channel on an inflatable wing in 2008
1:00:32 Yves’ most frightening flight experience
1:09:28 Why he finally decided to return to flying
1:11:44 The beginning of the complementary partnership with Vincent Reffet
1:16:51 What we can learn from Yves about being an innovator and the danger of a financial goal
1:22:08 The Dubai flight
1:23:05 The highly dangerous cons and financial pros of future plan to be autonomous
1:27:06 Still deriving lots of fun from flying and research and gratification from passing on knowledge
1:27:45 Keeping in good shape, Yves fitness regime and how he clears his mind prior to a flight
1:29:36 The parts played by Bruno Bokker, Thomas Enders and his Highness Sheikh Hamdan Crown Prince of Dubai in the Dubai flight
1:32:54 Learning to avoid aircraft turbulence for the Dubai flight
1:36:51 Crying and shouting with emotion at the beauty when flying over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1:39:32 For how long will Yves continue to fly
1:40:07 Crash landing onto water during the flight in Malta
1:44:30 Working and living in Dubai
1:48:04 Next planned high profile flight and Yves gratitude for this opportunity to explain how they are not crazy guys
1:49:24 The difference in the machines he requires to those with another purpose for flight
1:52:30 Success secrets
1:53:32 Brian tells Yves he needs to write his book for us
1:54:44 Phone call to the 20 year old Yves Rossy
1:57:30 Best advice Yves ever received
1:58:38 Advice to the young people watching wanting to succeed in what they want to do
2:02:11 Brian’s summing up.


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