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Yannick Naud - The French Connection


French Parliament candidate Yannick Naud drops by to discuss the upcoming historic election to represent French citizens living abroad, the details of how Internet voting will be used for the very first time, which is the tougher business: politics or finance, how elected officials are important because they take a long term view, why the best prevention of corruption in politics is transparency, and how if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.


“A lot of people I know didn’t bother voting” – Brian (02:05)

“and on the other side you have people fighting of their lives in place like Libya, Syria, and Egypt for the right to vote.” – Brian (02:11)

“If you don’t vote you have no right to complain, but if you have voted you can express your opinion.” – Yannick (03:21)

“It’s a big budget and it will have an impact on a lot of people, you want the best person doing it.” – Yannick (04:03)

“Is part of you hesitant to get into this potentially dirty business of politics?” – Brian (04:51)

“It’s much more ruthless than what we’ve experienced in finance.” – Yannick (05:20)

“At the end of the day I complain about politics, but it’s action, they’re doing something.” – Nic (11:10)

“We had Watergate happening 50 years ago where a President was paying to spy on another party.” – Brian (11:40)

“It will be the first time it will be possible to vote by Internet in France.” Yannick – (12:08)

“Like every organisation it’s good for people to take a long term decision.” – Yannick (15:51)

“I don’t think my vote should carry as much weight as someone like Brian.” – Nic (18:25)

“In some countries such as Switzerland you have to vote.” – Yannick (19:07)

“To a stone cold killer that’s capitalism.” – Nic (23:30)

“You have to make it as transparent as possible.” – Yannick (25:44)

“I don’t mind to be the underdog, I’ve been the underdog my whole career.” – Yannick (30:51)

“I identify less and less that I’m Greek or South African, I’m just a human being bro.” – Nic (39:00)

“What’s your day to day like on the campaign trail? Are you kissing babies?” – Brian (41:57)

“It’s by trying that you change things, if you never try you never change things.” – Yannick (56:48)
“If I was a French ex-pat I would vote for you. You have my endorsement.” – Nic (57:43)


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