Yann Houdre – Pimps, Drugs, Alpha Females

This week we welcome the philosopher and futurist Yann Houdre as we discuss the curious nature of the Alpha Female, the psychological weapons employed by a pimp, the psychedelic drug ayahuasca, experimenting with marijuana, world resource depletion or lack thereof, and whether capitalism can truly sustain itself.

“I am the guy who wakes up, grabs the iphone and goes crazy with it.” – Yann (05:30)

“When she’s all made up and got glitter on her skin and done her hair I love her more.” – Nic (08:40)

“Everyone sees pornography and they think ‘that’s the way to have sex'” – Brian (09:50)

“If you throw the first punch on the floor then you’re out.” – Brian (18:23)

“You realise that you’re not as sensitive to other people’s pain as you should be.” – Yann (25:30)

“He came back from doing Ayahuasca and changed his name.” – Brian (28:13)

compiled by @zander-bylund.