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Wes Watson - 10 Years In Prison: How Jail Taught Me Appreciation, Gratitude & Discipline

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:38 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:18 | Brian’s introduction.
06:36 | The message that resonated with Wes Watson as he watched the premier of Reconnect in New York.
10:17 | Why Wes Watson produces videos about life in prison and what it is he thinks attracts people to them.
13:10 | Wes Watson explains what he means by karmic debt.
14:36 | The struggle Wes Watson has to control his new comfort zone as he re-integrates with the world out of prison.
18:58 | Using anger which is one of his vices is in truth trading tomorrow’s happiness for today’s.
21:18 | Any man that does violence always feels bad afterwards. The goal Wes Watson wanted for his fellow prisoners and now for those who watch his videos.
29:21 | What it is like entering prison in the USA.
42:58 | Prisoners try to deal with an internal issue with an external solution like drugs and alcohol not understanding that internal issue will never go away without learning self-worth.
44:55 | How Wes Watson came to the realisation of what he needed to do to gain self-love.
49:25 | Wes Watson sees the societal background that creates those who live as if they have nothing left to lose.
51:32 | The only thing that is real is conscious congruity.
55:03 | What he says to those who think they need to go to prison to get hard and defines what is really hard.
56:43 | When he was in prison, he had no forward plan. The excuses people make that get in the way of helping themselves.
59:09 | Wes Watson becomes emotional when talking about relationships.
1:03:54 | Too much kindness breeds unaccountability.
1:07:25 | The experience of being institutionalised. The realisation he came to about talking to camera.
1:12:33 | If you just focus on your weaknesses that would be enough to get where you want to go in life, We are always looking for happiness in the same place we lose it.
1:16:50 | What it is like to be a Father.
1:19:14 | What it was like to come out of prison
1:24:52 | Do people have to hit rock bottom before they learn the lesson?
1:25:35 | Wes Watson’s biggest surprise about being outside and the hardest point of being outside: did he wish he was back in prison?
1:27:16 | How people treat him now and when he was on parole.
1:28:11 | The reaction of his previous fellow inmates and those he used to mix with.
1:29:29 | What he will be doing in two years time.
1:33:57 | What is Wes Watson’s superpower.
1:35:07 | How much he sleeps.
1:37:39 | What Wes Watson thinks of Dan Pena and his delivery.
1:41:23 | What scares Wes Watson.
1:42:02 | Best day of his life.
1:43:47 | Worst day of his life.
1:47:23 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:47:50 | Does hie think we are going to make it in this world.
1:48:44 | Success secrets.
1:49:27 | Brian’s summing up.


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