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Viktor Fischer - How Blockchain Will Hit $10 Trillion In The Next Five Years


Founder & CEO of RockawayX

“In the future, humans will not work. They will own a share of economies run by autonomous agents – powered by blockchain and crypto.”

Joining me today on London Real is Viktor Fischer, an esteemed investor, entrepreneur, and blockchain expert who is front and centre of the digital revolution and working tirelessly to bring about the kind of change that will positively impact all corners of the world.

Viktor is the Founder and CEO of RockawayX, a digital assets investment firm that is backing leading Web3 funds and founders. Dedicated to promoting the growth of early-stage blockchain startups, under his leadership RockawayX currently manages assets totaling an impressive $1.2 billion, a testament to his vision and expertise in the field.

Viktor previously served as a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company, specialising in corporate finance and private equity. He later co-founded Innovatrics in 2004. Innovatrics quickly rose to prominence as an award-winning fingerprint recognition software company, earning accolades from the prestigious Deloitte Top 50.

Viktor’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident for all to see and is something he puts great faith in but passionately believes there’s a budding businessperson in all of us, it just requires some self belief, determination and education.

In fact, Viktor puts the lack of bonafide entrepreneurs in the world down to confidence and the willingness to take a risk when the ensuing narrative suggests otherwise.

“It requires one to be contrarian and right (have a thesis, be data-driven, a good deal maker, value-adding vs extracting). In the end, it boils down to brutal self-confidence.”

History shows that during bad times or a financial crisis is precisely when new unicorns are born and for Viktor your current sentiment affects your view of the future, while the best investors can isolate their view of the future from their sentiment.

Driven by a mission to support the pioneers of Web3, Viktor is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of blockchain technology. He believes that crypto and blockchain represent the financial layer of the internet, bringing transparency, freedom, and power to people across the globe.

“I was born in a communist country. That is why I love crypto. It allows people the freedom to access financial services and own assets on the internet from anywhere in the world, equally. It gives the “power to the people”.”

Viktor’s dedication to that goal is evident in every aspect of his work, from his investments to his advocacy for a decentralised future. At RockawayX, Viktor and his team are paving the way for the future of blockchain investment. Through their comprehensive value proposition of venture investing, engineering, and liquidity support, RockawayX is focused on the world of tomorrow and helping Web3 projects realise their goals.

Viktor is both a visionary and pragmatist, he believes that crises are opportunities for growth, and his strategic investments during the downtimes are testament to his foresight and resilience in navigating the volatile landscape of digital assets.

He is also a determined advocate for better education in the blockchain industry, recognising the importance of demystifying complex concepts and empowering individuals to navigate this rapidly evolving space.

I can’t wait to sit down with Viktor, he’s not just an entrepreneur and investor; he is an inspiring leader who is shaping the future of blockchain technology. His unwavering determination, coupled with his deep expertise and commitment to innovation, make him a true pioneer in the industry, empowering the technology innovators of the future.

“The tide is turning and there is so much energy and optimism. The TradFi investors will understand in a couple of years, once the “Chat GPT moment” is obvious to them, but then valuations will be 5-10 X from now.”

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