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Watch > Episode > Tyler Spalding - Why Decentralisation Will Bring Huge Value And Freedom To Our Finances

Tyler Spalding - Why Decentralisation Will Bring Huge Value And Freedom To Our Finances


Co-Founder & CEO of Flexa

The world is on the precipice of an unparalleled shift. We find ourselves today, on the brink of a technological revolution, an age of information, the digitisation of our daily lives in every aspect, and no more keenly is that apparent than in the relationship between consumer and seller.

It’s a daunting prospect for many, the ruminations of what this entails and the ramifications already apparent, paint a picture of a world that is increasingly more connected but perhaps less so than ever before.

Of course, the realities are far less drastic, this is a long process and one that can see so many people benefit across the planet. By removing unnecessary costs for services that are no longer justified, speeding up processes that previously took days if not weeks and increasing efficiency in the marketplace.

Today’s guest is blazing a trail in the world of digital payments and has been innovating and initiating the aforementioned change. Tyler Spalding is a former software engineer, entrepreneur, technologist, blockchain investor, speaker and co-founder and CEO of Flexa.

For those not yet acquainted, Flexa is the New York City based fintech company that is the leading light in the charge to solve the issue of high friction transactions that incur unnecessary costs for both merchants and consumers.

It’s incredibly simple, however, belies the enormous level of research, trial, error and technological innovation involved. The Flexa app creates a unique barcode called a ‘flexcode’, which participating retailers can scan to authorise and guarantee a transaction instantly. Flexa then pays the merchant in either convertible virtual currency or a fiat currency of choice. Meanwhile, Flexa’s Spend SDK deducts the equivalent amount of crypto – let’s say Bitcoin or Ether from your digital wallet within the app.

These instant payment authorisations are made possible via the Amp token, which in turn works as crowdsourced collateral to completely decentralise payment risk, rewarding those who provide collateral with even more Amp tokens for every successful payment transaction.

Flexa allows consumers to make use of their crypto assets in day to day life, which is an enormous stride forward, and for the sellers, it’s quicker, cheaper and more reliable. Can life really be this simple? It certainly seems so, but, as with every new technology it takes time and one thing we at London Real know only too well from our conversations with the leading names in the industry, adoption is key.

Tyler understands the bigger picture and what he and his team have created is something of a hybrid service, that utilises the valuable and necessary aspects of the existing centralised infrastructure, while identifying the value that decentralisation brings.

He is a man who has the background and credibility to drive necessary change and bring the world kicking and screaming up to date. His credentials are legit, he graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has two Masters degrees in both Business Administration and Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

From working as a software engineer at Microsoft to joining the NASA Constellation Program and also spending 3 years on the Space Shuttle Program, Tyler has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has spent years working in eCommerce and retail and founded and sold three software companies. And, he is the ideal guest with whom to take a deep dive into the future of finance.

DeFi and the blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we as consumers understand and interact with our money. It is a chance to create Financial Freedom and be a part of something, to engineer a better and more inclusive future for billions of people around the world.

My team and I have decided to go “ALL IN” on Decentralised Finance and my DeFi Academy is where I plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace.

I’m looking for partners, collaborators, and colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and if you still feel unsure or overwhelmed by the sheer weight of information, then please tune in and join me and Tyler as we explore the how, what, when and why of this new horizon.

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  1. Working in the aerospace industry
  2. SpaceX is absolutely vital
  3. MIT life & Boston
  4. What problems does Flexa solve?
  5. 86% of transactions still happen in person
  6. What coins could be used as large scale payment?
  7. Gas fees are cheap if the value is there
  8. Transitioning from web 2.0 to 3.0
  9. Is the Blockchain decentralised enough?
  10. What is the AMP token?
  11. Building up AMP is a longterm process
  12. Thoughts on Paypal getting into crypto
  13. Lessons learned in El Salvador
  14. Building awareness around crypto


00:00 | Trailer.
02:39 | Brian’s introduction.
03:23 | Why engineer Tyler Spalding takes pride in having worked for NASA.
10:16 | The vital role Elon Musk’s SpaceX brings to space flight.
12:36 | How space exploration can democratise anyone in the world to enable them to use blockchain cryptocurrencies.
15:06 | What Tyler gained from attending the MIT Sloan School of Management,
18:09 | Why he likes Boston, USA.
19:46 | The financial transaction benefits developed by Tyler Spalding’s company Flexa to commerce and the general public.
28:04 | How feasible is it to make a purchase with cryptocurrency?
35:03 | The coins Tyler Spalding is thinking about for the big use cases.
42:45 | Do gas fees affect what Flexa is trying to do?
49:02 | The excitement of being involved in this rapidly developing opportunity which will change many things.
56:38 | Money was supposed to be safe in the bank, but In these protocols transactions are all transparent.
59:22 | Is it true that blockchains with centralised components have vulnerabilities?
1:09:50 | Tyler Spalding explains the AMP coin, what it is, how it will behave in the future and what are its rights.
1:17:01 | How the economics for Flexa were created.
1:21:05 | Is PayPal a competitive threat to Flexa?
1:26:21 | What they learned from the El Salvadore situation and his opinion on Facebook and Diem.
1:32:39 | Tyler Spalding’s enthusiasm for the world’s population to learn about blockchain instruments, their speed and efficiency.
1:36:05 | The biggest current challenge for Tyler Spalding and why he finds working with Flexa so invigorating.
1:38:58 | Where to find out more about Flexa.
1:40:41 | Brian’s summing up.


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