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Tony Riddle - The Natural Life-Stylist: How To Reconnect With The Human Body


Rewilding & Barefoot Running

Tony Riddle is the British natural life-stylist, barefoot running pioneer, and endurance athlete. His work seeks out ancient practices to reconnect us to our human biology, and his “Natural Lifestyle Coaching” programme, teaches the necessity of breaking free, from what he calls our “zoo environment” in order to “re-wild our movement”.

Tony just completed running the entire length of the United Kingdom barefoot, an incredible 874 miles in 30 days, with a gruelling 57 miles on the final day.


00:00 | Trailer
02:47 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:41 | Brian’s introduction
04:19 | Why Tony ran 874 miles, barefoot, in 30 days and how he did it26:12 His advice to people who do running
35:58 | Tony had never run such a long distance before; how he prepared and what it taught him
52:29 | Observations from the last three days
of the race
1:03:39 | Media reaction to his run
1:05:34 | The type of house he has and his family’s lifestyle within it
1:16:44 | Tony’s plant medicine experiences
1:30:21 | How Ido Portal influenced Tony’s running
1:35:33 | What he hopes to be doing in five years
1:40:51 | What scares him
1:46:55 | Does he think we will make it as a species
1:51:55 | Phone call to the 20 years old Tony Riddle
1:53:18 | Best advice ever received
1:54:19 | Success secrets
1:54:55 | Ķ hoe to try some of Tony’s ideas
2:02:01 | Brian’s summing up.


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