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Tom Bilyeu - Impact Theory


Thomas Bilyeu is an American entrepreneur best known as a co-founder of Quest Nutrition, the second fastest growing private company in North America on the Inc 5000 for 2014. He is passionate about personal development, and breaking through limiting beliefs.


00:00 | Trailer
02:18 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:08 Brian’s introduction
05:56 London was the beginning of Tom’s transition
10:37 The mind-set of limiting beliefs
16:27 Inside Quest and the 25 most fundamental truths of the human condition
21:18 The decision process leading to a focus on building Impact Theory, a media company
29:08 Walt Disney Company inspires Tom in building his brand
34:32 The importance of merchandising
42:41 Developing a broadcast interview style
49:32 “Suffering is meant to be avoided”, training the brain to think the opposite
59:31 “It’s all your fault” what Tom means by that
1:03:43 How Tom deals with his need to get his message out to people
1:07:31 What Tom hates about himself
1:09:06 Execution is the only thing that matters
1:17:39 Tom’s relationship with money
1:23:42 Tom’s hyper sense of self-awareness
1:26:43 Effect of the 25 steps to living a life of impact on Team Quest’s success
1:35:13 Tom’s own journey
1:39:55 What constitutes a fulfilling commercial goal
1:45:56 Simon Sinek and the Millennials question which went viral
1:51:42 Jay Z, Barack Obama and others Tom would love to interview
1:55:37 Success secrets
1:56:22 Phone call to the 20 year old Tom Bilyeu
1:57:17 Best advice ever received
1:59:19 Advice to the 20 year old watching
2:02:59 Brian’s summing up.


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