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Timothy Sykes - How To Make Millions Trading Penny Stocks


Millionaire Stock Trader and Entrepreneur

We all want to make money; that goes without question. Even though life isn’t solely about what’s in your wallet, a lot of what we do on a day to day basis revolves around having some green in our pockets. With that being the case, it’s no secret that the more money you have, the more options you have.

That being said, trying to find a way to get rich quick isn’t something you’re likely to run into. If it were that easy, everyone would be millionaires by now.

But what if there was a way for you to gain a strong amount of income at a much higher rate than your current job could ever give you? Legendary trader Timothy Sykes not only says this is possible, but that he’s done it himself. Best of all, the only thing he had to do was learn the art of trading penny stocks. Read on to find out what Sykes had to say in this exclusive interview.

From Pennies to Penny Stocks: The Growth of Timothy Sykes

If anyone knows about climbing the monetary ladder, it’s Timothy Sykes. Starting out with a regular 9-to-5 and making a humble wage, Sykes worked his way up by trading pennies for penny stocks and has become a millionaire stock trader as a result.

To many, trading penny stocks seems like a risky endeavour, but to the brave few that choose to take on the challenge the rewards are worth the risks.

Since high school, Sykes studied hard to learn the art of penny stock trading, and within a matter of 4 years, he was able to transform $12,415 into $1.65 million. His success prompted him to teach other students to learn the art of penny stock trading, and since then he has helped plenty of others learn how to make millions trading penny stocks. With the right mindset, his exclusive interview can help you be next!

Time to Level Up

Timothy Sykes’s journey shows all of us that we can get the money we deserve and level up to become a millionaire penny stock trader. There are plenty of other stories from other influential people that can also help you live your best life – and we’ve got them all on available here for to watch, for free. Take a look around our site to hear more from our prestigious guests – we look forward to helping you put your best foot forward!


00:00 | Trailer.
01:35 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:09 | Brian’s introduction.
03:37 | Appreciating a warm welcome in London.
04:01 | $2000 a day keeps the real job away.  How Tim trades low price stocks.
08:17 | The bloody reality of trading on an emotionless battlefield.
16:38 | Trading requires mental discipline.  The solo shot rather than the home run.
19:40 | Cutting losses, trading is counter intuitive.  His peer group is keeping hm accountable.
22:22 | The concept of liquidity is exactly opposite to Tim trading in volatility of penny stocks.
25:51 | Tim admits to being an inveterate gambler, but has rules in place to keep him in his box.
30:32 | Tim used the $12,000 from his Bar Mitzvah to start investing and trading.
34:58 | What a penny stock is and what shorting the stock means.
38:08 | The type of companies Tim invests in.
39:44 | What can be learned from watching the Wolf of Wall Street.
42:49 | The risks in short selling.
44:31 | The role of the Securities and Futures Commission.
45:42 | The scam depicted in the Wolf of Wall Street film.
48:36 | The effect on Tim of a big loss and what he did afterwards.
51:37 | Transparency on the internet of his every trade.
54:40 | Why Tim took the surprising and somewhat altruistic decision to teach his method.
58:58 | Teaching inveterate gamblers rules to be disciplined, is tough, but he knows how to gain attention.
1:02:31 | A fascination for the potential of social media and technology to educate and for charity.
1:03:41 | Why he isn’t focusing on becoming a billionaire.
1:11:01 | Concern for the misinformation about the natural world.
1:18:14 | Tim’s advice to those of the general public who would like to start trading.
1:25:25 | Learning to trade, benefits you in other areas of life.
1:29:16 | Success secrets.
1:29:53 | Could Tim cope with spending a month in isolation without internet connection?
1:37:09 | What is Tim’s super-power?
1:39:34 | What scares Tim.
1:43:49 | What we would be surprised to learn about Tim.
1:44:42 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:44:51 | Would Tim like to have a family in the future?
1:46:31 | Phone call to the 20 years old Timothy Sykes.
1:49:50 | Best advice he ever received.
1:51:32 | Advice to the young person listening.
1:55:26 | Brian’s summing up.


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