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Timothy Shieff - Veganism is Wrong For Me


Timothy Shieff, a freerunner and mindful living enthusiast, emerges not just as a practitioner of movement culture but as a philosopher who embodies his beliefs in every aspect of life. Born on March 24, 1988, in Hartford, England, Shieff’s journey is a profound exploration of movement, ethical choices, and a commitment to living in alignment with one’s principles.

When Tim and I last spoke he had just been crowned “last man standing” on Ninja Warrior UK and completed an incredible 35-day water fast. We also drank our own urine live on camera as a therapy! He shocked his followers recently by announcing he had given up veganism after feeling a need to reintroduce animal products into his diet. He consequently stepped away from the vegan clothing company he co-founded, ETHCS, too.

Timothy Shieff’s approach to movement goes beyond mere physical prowess; it reflects a deeper philosophy. For Shieff, freerunning is not just a sport but a form of self-expression and a medium to explore the limits of human potential. His movements tell a story: a narrative of creativity, resilience, and the constant pursuit of personal and physical evolution. Shieff’s philosophy of movement encourages individuals to view their bodies as vessels for expression and to embrace the joy of continuous self-discovery through physicality.

Shieff’s dedication to mindfulness serves as a guiding principle in his life philosophy. Mindfulness, for him, is more than a buzzword, it’s a way of being fully present in each moment. Shieff advocates for the practice of mindfulness as a means to cultivate mental clarity, resilience, and an appreciation for life’s nuances. Through meditation, self-reflection, and a conscious approach to daily activities, Shieff embodies the transformative power of living in the present moment.

One of the philosophical aspects that sets Timothy Shieff apart is his openness to evolution and change. Shieff’s journey has seen shifts in dietary choices, reflections on mental well-being, and a commitment to constant growth. Instead of adhering rigidly to a static belief system, Shieff encourages individuals to embrace the fluidity of personal philosophies, emphasising that growth and self-discovery often involve reevaluating and adapting one’s beliefs.

Timothy Shieff communicates his philosophy not only through words but, more importantly, through his actions. His freerunning showcases the beauty of movement as a form of self-expression and his commitment to ethical living serves as a living testament to the impact of conscious choices. Shieff’s authenticity inspires others to explore their own beliefs, question societal norms, and strive for alignment between their values and actions.

Timothy Shieff’s legacy extends beyond his achievements in freerunning. His philosophy serves as a call to conscious living, a holistic approach that encompasses movement, mindfulness, ethical choices, and a willingness to evolve. Shieff’s influence goes beyond the individual; it sparks a collective contemplation on the interconnectedness of our choices and their broader impact on the world.

Timothy Shieff stands as a philosopher of movement and ethical living, weaving a narrative that transcends physicality and dietary choices. His philosophy invites individuals to explore the depths of their beliefs, embrace the fluidity of personal growth, and cultivate a conscious and mindful existence. Shieff’s life serves as an inspiration, a testament to the transformative power of aligning one’s actions with deeply held principles. Through his philosophy, Timothy Shieff leaves an enduring legacy that resonates with those seeking a meaningful and conscious approach to life.


00:00 | Trailer
02:43 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:08 | Brian’s introduction
04:58 | What life has been like for Tim since he announced he was no longer a vegan
08:14 | Tim’s response to those who feel anger and let down by his decision and why he made it
10:10 | Recalculating his morals and ethics in coming to terms with the decision he felt he had to make
13:16 | What about the animals and is it right to focus on player one
17:44 | The rise of commercial veganism
18:16 | How he realised his body and health was suffering through a vegan diet
23:46 | The problems with living out your life on YouTube, including documenting his decision to fast
25:53 | Tim’s response to those who blame the fast for his state of mind leading to his ceasing the vegan diet
27:49 | His salmon wet dream
32:53 | Does Tim have an eating disorder
36:17 | Does Tim like being the outlier, is he an attention seeker
38:00 | Why he wants to be nude amongst friends
40:19 | The strong reaction to the London Real video of Brian and Tim drinking their own urine
41:21 | Are people right to question whether Tim is attention seeking to build his own brand
43:29 | His relationship with the known advocates of the vegan lifestyle
45:58 | Besides deciding veganism is not good for him, he suggests that applies to most people
47:54 | Is veganism an intellectual city movement as against living close to nature eating locally sourced food
52:43 | Does understanding the cycle of life involve hunting and killing animals for their meat
55:07 | The reaction that has surprised him, both positively and negatively, upon his decision to eat meat
57:29 | The power of YouTube to promote ideology and the quick dismissal rather than considered positivity
1:02:15 | What it was like to leave clothing company Ethics
1:03:17 | His advice to those questioning their own veganism
1:04:48 | Does he regret going vegan and does he look forward to moving on to the next stage of his life
1:05:58 | The supplements he is currently taking
1:07:10 | Tim’s ideas for the future
1:16:47 | Success secrets
1:17:34 | Tim’s final thoughts
1:20:35 | Brian’s summing up.


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