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Timothy Shieff - Veganism is Wrong For Me


Tim Shieff is an athlete and entrepreneur. When Tim and I last spoke he had just been crowned “last man standing” on Ninja Warrior UK and completed an incredible 35-day water fast. We also drank our own urine live on camera – as a therapy! He shocked his followers recently by announcing he had given up veganism after feeling a need to reintroduce animal products into his diet. He consequently stepped away from the vegan clothing company he co-founded, ETHCS, too.


00:00 | Trailer
02:43 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:08 | Brian’s introduction
04:58 | What life has been like for Tim since he announced he was no longer a vegan
08:14 | Tim’s response to those who feel anger and let down by his decision and why he made it
10:10 | Recalculating his morals and ethics in coming to terms with the decision he felt he had to make
13:16 | What about the animals and is it right to focus on player one
17:44 | The rise of commercial veganism
18:16 | How he realised his body and health was suffering through a vegan diet
23:46 | The problems with living out your life on YouTube, including documenting his decision to fast
25:53 | Tim’s response to those who blame the fast for his state of mind leading to his ceasing the vegan diet
27:49 | His salmon wet dream
32:53 | Does Tim have an eating disorder
36:17 | Does Tim like being the outlier, is he an attention seeker
38:00 | Why he wants to be nude amongst friends
40:19 | The strong reaction to the London Real video of Brian and Tim drinking their own urine
41:21 | Are people right to question whether Tim is attention seeking to build his own brand
43:29 | His relationship with the known advocates of the vegan lifestyle
45:58 | Besides deciding veganism is not good for him, he suggests that applies to most people
47:54 | Is veganism an intellectual city movement as against living close to nature eating locally sourced food
52:43 | Does understanding the cycle of life involve hunting and killing animals for their meat
55:07 | The reaction that has surprised him, both positively and negatively, upon his decision to eat meat
57:29 | The power of YouTube to promote ideology and the quick dismissal rather than considered positivity
1:02:15 | What it was like to leave clothing company Ethics
1:03:17 | His advice to those questioning their own veganism
1:04:48 | Does he regret going vegan and does he look forward to moving on to the next stage of his life
1:05:58 | The supplements he is currently taking
1:07:10 | Tim’s ideas for the future
1:16:47 | Success secrets
1:17:34 | Tim’s final thoughts
1:20:35 | Brian’s summing up.


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