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Timothy Shieff - How To Heal Yourself Through Fasting, Psychedelics, and Self Empowerment


Is Drinking Urine Good For You?

Timothy Shieff is a vegan athlete, activist and entrepreneur. This is his fourth time on London Real and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him evolve over the past 5 years. He was recently crowned “last man standing” for Ninja Warrior UK, beating all other contestants.


00:00 | Trailer
04:10 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:36 | Brian’s introduction
07:44 | The philosophy behind Tim’s personal evolution despite the detractors
10:51 | His relationship with YouTube
12:47 | The process of undertaking 35-day water fast
41:55 | Tim’s observations from ending the fast
51:45 | Brian Rose and Tim Shieff drink their own urine
1:05:03 | Participating in the challenge of TV’s Ninja Warriors
1:16:33 | What Tim’s next challenge could be
1:17:09 | What Tim loves about the UFC
1:22:57 | Tim’s experience of magic mushrooms and potential healing powers of psychedelics
1:36:19 | Brian recounts what he learned during three consecutive ayahuasca ceremonies
1:56:12 | The rise in popularity of veganism brings its own problems
2:04:44 | Tim had to respect his spiritual path to money as he becomes more entrepreneurial
2:10:37 | Tim’s personal life is just going with the flow
2:13:31 | What scares Tim
2:19:54 | What keeps him awake at night
2:22:50 | Phone call to the 20-year old Timothy Shieff
2:24:22 | Best advice ever received
2:25:38 | Success Secrets
2:26:08 | Advice to the 26-year-old watching the interview who wants make a change
2:29:15 | Brian is summing up.


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