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Tim Don - The Ironman Champion

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Tim Don is a three-time British Olympian and World Champion in triathlon and duathlon. Immediately prior to the IRONMAN World Championship in October 2017 ‚Äì a year in which he had set a new IRONMAN World Record in Brazil ‚Äì Tim’s dreams were broken, literally, following a bike crash when a car turned in front of him. A broken neck would lead to three months of rehab in the now infamous “Halo’ device.


00:00 | Trailer
04:06 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:41 Brian’s introduction
07:35 Tim’s made Colorado his home, but where is his heart
08:32 Training in -15o

09:40 Tim’s advice for Brian’s own Ironman challenge in Chattanooga
17:53 Tim’s passion for triathlon shines through, how and why he got into the sport
23:19 Tim likes going to uncomfortable places
25:05 The type of people who are attracted to doing triathlons
26:10 Explanation of what a triathlon is and the training required for three different disciplines
31:38 Winning Junior World Championships and joy of going to the Olympics
34:12 The dedication and highs and lows of being an Olympic athlete
37:14 Tim’s family are his rock and balance
38:12 Why Tim transitioned into Ironman
41:34 The 7 hours 40 minutes resulting in the surprise world record
47:55 Disaster strikes
56:43 It was brutal medieval torture
1:02:46 Living day to day not knowing whether he would race again
1:07:37 Back on the treadmill with a difference
1:09:32 The challenges on the way to recovery
1;13;39 Why he has chosen to run the Boston marathon and his next focus
1:18:29 What he hopes people will take from watching The Man with the Halo
1:24:16 What is Tim’s super power
1:25:20 Success secrets
1:25:46 Was does the future hold for Tim
1:27:11 What scares him
1:28:04 Best and worst days of his life
1:29:50 Phone call to the 20-year old Tim
1:30:24 Best advice ever received
1:31:47 Advice to the young person watching
1:32:33 Brian’s summing up.


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